Frugal Mexico

Frugal Mexico...received a note from a reader who has been a subscriber to Frugal retiring news...since the first issue.

He has beaten me by four years by retiring at 45...his very frugal and fun winter home in Kino Bay, a large part of his being able to retire so early.

Frugal Mexico and his take on financial planning for retirement... being debt-free, is so important in any retirement plan... makes it all possible.

Here is a little information about his piece of paradise in Mexico.

For the very latest , up to date prices and information on Mexican retirement this is a must have...a great resource, aand a bargain to boot. Highly recommended...

Frugal Mexico...Park model communities in Mexico

frugal Mexico

I guess I was naive in assuming that all Park model communities were in the United States... Not true...

This fully furnished model check out this cool video is 200 feet from the water and is for sale for $24,000.

It's long gone now but shows you what is realistic in Mexican real estate.

Thanks Mark Mulligan for allowing your music to be played on the video... You gotta love it, "came down for the weekend... That was 25 years ago"... My kind of guy.

Where is this located?

frugal Mexico

Kino Bay is located 5 to 6 hours from the US border. One hour from the capital of the state of Sonora Hermosillo... With Costco, Walmart, Sam's Club... Sounds like real roughing it to me.

There is also a new highway under construction that will make the trip even easier from the United States... Are you running out of excuses for trying Mexico for frugal retirement living?

There is a large and active ex-pat community in Kino Bay... Being involved in community service like this club of ex-pats... goes a long way in ingratiating yourself to the local community.

Getting involved is a great way to give caveat, do not get involved in politics...imagine an American trying to explain why our government is not as totally screwed up as it really is.

It  also keeps you out of the bars in the AM, Mexican beer by the way is very good...I speak from experience, we found that most countries are very proud of their home brews...Not Red Stripe...but that's just me, sorry Jamaica .

Teaching English is also a way of giving back, just as you should make the effort to learn their language.

I can think of some foreign athletes who have been in this country, living quite well I might add, who need an interpreter to do interviews. 

Think about it this way, the more you do for the local community, the more the local community will welcome you... It's that Golden Rule thing.

Here is Wikipedia's take on Bahia Kino

Frugal Mexico

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