From 3,000 sq ft to a Sardine can

by Roc

At 60 years old with years of seniority as a General Manager in an automotive related business making a nice 6 figure income my world went upside down in 30 seconds...those dreaded words...down sizing. I was completely blindsided...

Recession, unemployment, grandchildren, mortgage, before long we realized the need for a major lifestyle change. With a huge chunk of our savings gone from the stock market and a laughable albeit appreciated severance package, spent that day on lunch, my wife and I made the obvious decision to downsize but how far?

Condo maybe, apartment? Under a bridge somewhere in the Florida Keys? Nope...but an RV sounded pretty good. We really weren't looking to travel, not really. We had adult children and new grandkids, so many friends in our hometown of FT Myers Florida we didn't want to leave, so why the decision of an RV...a cheap living alternative. Liking the idea of possibly spending short periods on the road traveling later on, and the affordability of trailers and 5th wheels since prices had fallen so much with the rising cost of was certainly a "buyer's market".

After a few months we settled on a slightly used 5th wheel. A 36 ft. beauty with 3 slides and all the conveniences of home as they say. We luckily found a suitable site in a nearby RV Park setting so with a little help from the seller of the trailer we moved it into position, leveled it up, plugged everything in and stood back to admire our new home...and I realized, it's a giant Sardine can!

Not surprising my wife of many years was excited and upbeat about a new adventure for us...I could only think about what I had to show for nearly forty five years of hard work...but with one foot in front of the other I stepped through the screen door to begin our life as "full time RV'ers"...stay tuned as we share our experiences over the next few they happen...because today is the very first day of our in a Sardine can.

Editor's note...Thanks Roc...I bet you will be writing us soon... saying what did I wait so long for...enjoy yourself you have earned it

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