Free credit report... make this a must do, right now

Get a free credit report. The fastest growing crime in the United States is identity theft...yet according to experts, 81% of consumers do not regularly check their credit reports. 

The fact that you can obtain reports from the three major credit bureaus, TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax for free makes not checking your credit inexcusable.

Here is the link for you to start the process, the link address is secure... make sure the following shows up in your browser URL address... with the lock icon next to it.

The designation https, means that the website is a secure one.

PS, this is not an affiliate site...I do not profit from you requesting your free's just a great are very welcome.

I just completed the process it takes less than five minutes to obtain the report, for both my wife and myself.

Free credit report checklist

  • Remember to request a report for your spouse
  • Choose only one of the three credit bureaus
  • Mark your calendar 4 and 8 months from today
  • In four months use one of the two remaining credit bureaus
  • In eight months use the remaining credit bureau
  • Print out a copy of your report and review it carefully
  • Repeat this process every year
  • Do this right now

Why you need to check your credit on a regular basis

It does not matter to identity thieves if you give the following excuses for not checking your credit.

I have excellent credit

I pay cash for everything

My house is paid off

I pay off my credit cards each month

It's too much of a hassle... it's free dummy

Identity thieves make millions of dollars illegally each year because of people that give the excuses above for not checking their credit on a regular basis... did I remind you that identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States?

Here is the federal trade commission's site for more info on identity theft...if we haven't gotten your attention yet... well let's just hope that you take action right now... I just did.

Remember it is free

One of the basics of this website ... is that you cannot beat something if it's free.

Also remember to check in your browser, for the https designation and the lock icon indicating that the site is secure.

You will be asked to give your Social Security number and answer some personal questions... so make sure you see the https before you start this process.

Free credit report conclusion

Do not procrastinate, do this right now, and I hope that you will find as my wife and I just did... that we are not now...victims of this crime that can literally make your life a living hell for a period of years.

Hope this helps... all the best.

Thank you for reading free credit report

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