Five ways to save money today

Let's examine five ways to save money today:

  • Eat the vast majority of your meals at home
  • Always shop online first...research, research, research
  • Use coupons... It is free money
  • Refinance today
  • Eliminate all of your credit card debt

We will examine each one of these five ways to save money in detail... They are all common sense methods and do not require any major lifestyle changes... Unless retirement is not important to you.

This entire website is designed to show people how to spend less money, not how to make more, and how to identify the wasteful areas that keep you from reaching your retirement goals.

Some of the tips also have the additional benefits of being healthy and showing you ways to give back to your community.

None of them are drastic... And this is not a do as I say list... We follow these recommendations ourselves... It is a major reason why we have been retired since 1994.

Eat the vast majority of your meals at home

This is the first and most important of the five ways to save money today tips, if you are a Starbucks customer, or patronize fast food restaurants... Stop right now and save.

The fact that you will also improve your family's health and family communication is a side benefit of eating and/or making all of your meals at home.

We do eat out an average of three times a month... At the same Mexican restaurant... On a Friday night with friends... Our bill the drinks included is $11.53... The cook needs a break every now and then... But you'll not only save money, you know what your families eating, and you have control of their health. Get a free ebook and get 15 practical tips on safe weight loss.

Always shop online first

The second most important of the five ways to save money today.

Enjoy this while we can, look for taxes coming on online purchases...don't shoot the messenger, but it's going to happen.

Stop and think for a moment... When you hear a store of any kind... The cost of the store space and the employees in the store have to be added to the price of the product that you're going to buy.

Start here online at Amazon.

Of all the stores we do shop at Costco would be our first choice... They have a limited selection of products, bare concrete floors, with a markup of no more than 15% Having said all that the first place you should start your shopping is online... They do have employees and distribution centers... But their markups are very low and that's good news for you .

Five ways to save money today...Use coupons to save and help others

Not only should you use coupons for yourself, but this is a great way to give back to your community for those less fortunate than you.

use coupons to purchase products that you may not need but can donate to your local food bank... Or your church... It is a great feeling to know that you're helping others by being frugal.

Refinance today

Get up to 4 offers at Interest rates right now are at an all-time low...this is the easiest way you can save big money.

We have refinanced three times in  18 months... Lowering our mortgage payment by over $200 a month.

It can be a hassle with the new underwriting regulations but it's worth the trouble.

Five ways to save money today...eliminate credit card debt

How can you expect to save money... If you have credit card debt... Do not be the average American family that has over $16000 worth of credit card debt.

With the rare exception of medical emergencies, there is no excuse to be an average American in this regard.


So there you have it... Five ways to save money today...simple common sense solutions. 

Start saving right now.

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