Five money-saving tips for Boomer travelers

I recently asked Donna Hull, the webmaster of My itchy travel feet if she would give our readers some of the tips to save money that she has come across in her extensive travels.

Here is her response:

    Five money-saving tips for boomer travelers

    The children have left the nest (hopefully) and your boomer work life is winding down. With more free time to wander and more room in the budget for travel expenses, it’s your turn to hit the road.

    But how do you make the most of your travel budget? Here are five money-saving tips to stretch your travel dollar.

    Tip #1...Travel during the fall or spring shoulder season

    Early fall and late spring are perfect for boomer travels.

    Children are back in school, which means fewer crowds and more travel bargains. Destinations need to fill those hotel rooms.

    The smart boomer traveler will be on the lookout for shoulder season travel specials.

    Tip #2...Book a cruise crossing

    Do you like two for ones? That’s what you’ll find on an Atlantic or Pacific cruise crossing.

    While checking prices from mainline cruise companies, don’t forget to consider the smaller all-inclusive luxury cruise lines.

    When you add up all the costs of a cruise, the all-inclusive line may save you money.

    Tip #3...Purchase a National Park Pass

    Are you age 62 or over? The U.S. National Parks system offers a Senior Pass for a one-time fee of $10.

    And, did you know that during the off-season, many of the National Park lodges offer specials?

    Traveling to National Parks in the off-season on a Senior Pass is a double bargain Here is the National Park Service website.

    Tip #4...Consider vacation rentals

    Savvy boomer travelers know that renting a beach condo or mountain cabin from a site like VRBO is a real money-saver.

    Many rentals include laundry facilities, bicycles, beach chairs and fully equipped kitchens.

    Save money by preparing breakfast and lunch so that you can splurge on dinner out.

    Tip #5...Subscribe to newsletters

    When it comes to saving money on travel, email is your friend.

    Subscribe to your favorite travel providers’ newsletters (hotels, airlines, cruise lines, etc.) for the latest on the money-saving specials.

    About Donna

    Boomer travel and lifestyle authority Donna Hull is the author of My Itchy Travel Feet: Breathtaking Adventure Vacation Ideas.

    She also publishes My Itchy Travel Feet, The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel, the go-to site for active boomer travel.

Thanks Donna, for your five money-saving tips... I am sure the readers of frugal retirement living will appreciate them.

I have purchased her book and it should be in your e-book reader when you travel... many outstanding tips from her boots on the ground experience. 

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