Financial Planning Retirement What is Important

Financial planning retirement, do it is important.

You have many options when financial planning for your retirement. Move slow...

If you are setting up a financial plan for retirement make sure you realize that only you really cares about the success or failure of your plan.

This is a big business with huge profits. That is why Bernie Madoff was so successful for so long.

The vast majority of financial planners are very honest, Madoff was a notable exception. Many people were wiped out because they totally trusted the man.

Financial planning retirement look twice before you change.

If you have a financial plan now. Be careful if you feel you want to change. If your plan is churning out an return of x...make sure a return of xplus is realistic.

That is why Madoff was so successful...his phony returns were way out of the ordinary...people begged him to take their money. He did not have to advertise for clients, the marks found him.

When shopping for a financial planner

Assuming that you are not walking into the company offices of Dewey, Cheatham and Howe. Remember that the status quo is death to financial planners.

You could be Warren Buffett, bring in your current portfolio, and your planner will shake his or her head and say, "This is all wrong".

No shuffling of your portfolio, no commissions for the financial planner, no commissions and he or she is soon out of business.

Nothing sinister on the planners part...but if you do not change something in your portfolio the dinner invitations from the planner will stop.

So what type of planner should you look for

The best financial planner will never try to sell you something you do not fully understand. And you should never make a change unless you understand the investment vehicle.

So patience on the planner's part is a good tip off that he or she may be what you are looking for. Take your time, a good planner will never say this will not be around long you need to act now.

If the phone rings while you are in his office and (on the speakerphone) the assistant excitedly says, "Client A just called and wants 2 units"...of what you are being pitched... Run, do not walk from the office. There never is a real client A...this is a favorite ploy of salespersons selling resort property...the car phone rings..."Jim, the Thomases just called back...they want to buy lot 46B."

Lot 46B is probably unsold to this day...don't fall for these tricks.

A good planner

Will first listen to is your plan.This is about you and only you. A good financial planner will listen carefully, and explain each aspect, and risk, of everything he or she proposes for you.

That is your person for financial planning retirement.

Retirement planners

Financial planning retirement advice

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