Eight Years Traversing The Worlds Oceans

by Max taylor
(Sydney Australia)

Hi guys I just happened upon your site and really enjoyed what I saw so I thought I would add a bit to it because it has been my dream to live on a boat and sail the worlds oceans.

My story starts about ten years ago south of Sydney Australia when I was living beachfront and making surfboards as my primary income. I have always been a water rat and love the ocean but at this time a friend came to me asking if I could build his friend a copy of an old surfboard that he had taken with him around the world. Of course, I said yes.

We arranged for his friend to visit me so I could determine what and how to build his new surfboard. When all the talk was over I inquired as to some of the places he had surfed in his travels and to my surprise he mention many locations I had only dreamed about.

I ask how it was that he came to be at all these different locales around the planet and to my surprise he replied that he and his wife had been living off a sailing boat for the past eight years. Well this absolutely did my head in with envy.

He told me many stories of how they traveled and met others sailing under similar circumstances, swapping ocean charts with boaties in port who were headed in the opposite direction to where they had come from and how they ate lots of fresh fish, rice and vegetables as well as how they bartered and labor swapped to keep their boat maintained and put some extra cash in their pockets at times.

All this just ignited my imagination that one day I would do something similar. Because it has always been a dream of mine to sail. I always joke about how I would love to sail up the east coast of Australia and then have to make that ultimate decision whether to turn right and sail through the Pacific or turn left and do Indonesia - Oh to be in such a predicament!

Inquisitively, after spending a few hours chatting in my backyard under the shadow of the escarpment with the cool sea breeze keeping us refreshed I asked why did you come back home? why aren't you still out there pursuing more places, discovering more things and meeting new people?

It was then that his replied brought me back to reality. Mark answered simply, saying; "It's time to put our child into school, he's five now".

You see, Mark's wife had fallen pregnant while they were sailing the world's oceans. Their son was born in Thailand but they continued to sail and explore and discover and enjoy everything that life threw up at them while on their boat until their son reached school age.

Now it was time for them to settle and be reponsible parents so they berthed their boat in Gunnamatta Bay, back in Sydney and sent Junior to Cronulla public school which was located at the top of the bay. They only had to travel less than 200 meters across the water and another 200 meters up through the park and the little man was getting all the education needed from a big city suburb.

The moral of this story is...

Mark said to me that the eight years spent sailing the world's oceans was the best experience he had ever had in his life. This certainly left an indelible impression upon me.

Needless to say he ended our discussion that day by stating that he now knew he could leave home in his boat with his wife and child and do the whole thing again with just a few dollars in his pocket.

They say that fortune favors the bold, well this guy had been bold enough to fulfill his dream and purchase his boat while living in Cairns with his wife. Then between the two of them, learned to sail that boat by literally sailing it back to Sydney and then after they saved whatever monies they deemed necessary for their travels ventured out onto the ocean to spend the next eight years enjoying life on the water going from country to country.

That has been one of the best stories ever shared with me and I'm glad to be able to share with someone else. Hopefully one day I might just get to experience something of that kind too.

If you're feeling something similar, go for it! dare to explore discover enjoy!

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Dec 13, 2010
by: Gary..the ed


Thanks so much for sharing your story...I have heard many of these...for others that have not heard of such leaps of faith, I hope this encourages you to take a chance and do what Nike says...JUST DO IT

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