Eat at home stay healthy, easy and cheap

Eat at home stay healthy...Benefit number two of eating at home.

I enjoy eating out, and absolutely love to go on cruises where a sitdown meal is part of the attraction.

However, when we are at home, with the exception of an occasional cheap Mexican fix... we never eat in restaurants... we avoid fast food restaurants especially.

Does anyone really need to be told, that eating sugars and processed foods are bad for you? Restaurants are concerned about one thing and one thing only, to prepare "food" that is pleasing to the pallete and makes you want more.

Have you ever heard of a restaurant preparing foods using healthy oils such as olive oil and coconut oil... I don't think you'll find those used in a lot of restaurants especially the fast food restaurants.

If you prepare all of your meals at home, including the lunches you prepare for your spouse and children, you know exactly what they are consuming... you have the control that's necessary for good health.

Eat at home stay healthy, benefit one

If you shop properly, avoiding the center of the grocery store or the processed foods are... stop and think right now... anything that's in the center of the store and not refrigerated has to have chemicals to preserve the shelflife of the product... the only way to do that is with chemicals... none of which are good for you. 

The same principle applies for products and coolers in the center of the store... preservatives and chemicals galore... remember if you can't pronounce it you should not eat it...

Instead that you concentrate on buying vegetables, fruits and fresh meat or fish... all found on the perimeter of the store.

So benefit number one, is that your proper shopping habits control what your family ingests.

Eat at home stay healthy, benefit two

How about families, or yourself, that can bring sack lunches to work or school... the worst thing you can do for your health is to patronize a vending machine in any kind... stop and think a minute... what nutritional value does anything that is wrapped in cellophane or whatever packaging they use these days, have?... Answer, nothing... is either loaded with salt, sugar or chemicals to influence the taste.

The number one offender in vending machines is soft drinks... the diet drinks are just as bad for you as the one that contain sweeteners... the only exception is bottled water... and you can bring that from home by making your own.

A little story that illustrates the harm of consuming soft drinks

Once upon a time, your humble correspondent made his living by selling aluminum cans. Naturally some of my biggest clients were soft drink companies.

I noticed a machinist leaving his tools and corroded parts in soda before he left work... I asked what he was doing, "drop by in the morning he said, and I'll show you"... I did and the parts and tools were absolutely spotless... much like a painter leaving his brushes in turpentine the parts were clean and ready to go.

I learned that most soft drinks contain enough acid to perform this cleaning... can you imagine what that does to your stomach?

Guess why that machinist never consumed or allowed his family to consume soft drinks. If you don't believe me, take a glass of soda and put some tarnished silverware in it and leave it overnight... when you see how clean the submerged portion is in the morning, you may think twice about ingesting soft drinks as well.

Eat at home stay healthy conclusion

The health aspect of eating at home is only one of three benefits of doing so, the others are to save money and improve family communication by having a sitdown meal every day.

Take control of your health by knowing what you and your family eats... so eat at home stay healthy.

They will thank you and you will have the knowledge of knowing what you and they eat is good for you and does not come from a vending machine were served by a restaurant where most foods are loaded with salt and sugar.

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