Eat at home save money every time

Eat at home save money...our answer when asked what is the most important thing we do to save money.

Do not get me wrong, we love to eat out, but we love to save money too.

Are we denying ourselves? No, in fact we eat out with friends, at the same Mexican restaurant, every Friday night...we have been doing so for many years.

We have the same thing, our bill for 2 people is $11.20. A pleasant evening for very little money.

We meet for wine and cheese before we go out...we rotate the premeal venue...and the designated driver.

Lately, we have stopped this practice and have gone to restaurants maybe 3 times a also will help your waistline...remember restaurants, the worse being fast food, emphasize taste not nutrition.

Eat at home save money is our number one tip

When you eat your meals at home you enter a seldom found Holy Grail of benefits.

First, from an economic standpoint eating your meals at home is infinitely less expensive than eating out... That's common sense number one.

Second, we know what you're ingesting... You are taking control of you and your family's health... You're not guessing as to what the fat level of the food is... How much sugar it contains... Whether it's processed food... Etc.

Remember the restaurant industry is interested in one thing and one thing only the taste of the food whether or not it's healthy never crosses their mind. Third, when the family sits down for at least one meal a day... Usually the evening meal... This improves family communication which is always good for any relationship.

Now that is a trifecta of benefits... I have heard from more than one Internet guru that people search the net for three things improving their health, improving their wealth, and improving their relationships... eating at home accomplishes all three.

What most folks do

Gauranteed ways to waste money...

  • Meet for coffee at a coffee shop
  • Have something to eat at the coffee shop
  • Go out to eat at lunch
  • Eat at fast food restaurants
  • Patronize vending machines
  • Stop at the Stop and Go to buy food and drink...don't forget the lotto tickets

Sound familiar? More do the above than don't...they are wasting money in more ways than one.

The health consequences of the above behavior

By eating out like the above is it any wonder they sell so many Tums? You are gambling with indigestion every bite.

Fast food puts taste over nutrition...pour on the salt and they will come back for are there because it is fast and available 24/7. The fast food chains are here to stay...but it is seldom smart or frugal to patronize them . How many hard-bodies do you see in line?

Eat at home save money for a month

Try this routine for a month and count the savings...

  • Eat cereal and skim milk for breakfast...or better yet oatmeal
  • Make your coffee at home, bulk beans are the cheapest, take a go cup when you leave the house
  • Make your lunch at home...sandwich, lean meat, fruit for a snack
  • Never stop at a fast food restaurant, convienence store or vending machine
  • Make the evening meal a required sit down affair

At the end of the month count your savings...see how you feel physically and emotionally...ask yourself if you denied yourself anything at all.

Eat at home save money...easy on the wallet and purse, and a better way to live.

Quick story

When the Arizona Diamondbacks score 6 runs or more you can get three tacos for free the next day at Taco Bell.

Two caveats, the Diamondbacks are unfortunately rather inept and Taco Bell requires the purchase of a large drink to get the "free" tacos.

Let's do the math...a large drink, from the fountain, is $1.89. Soft drinks are inherently bad for you, the "diet" drinks are worse with all the look at the tacos costing over $0.60 apiece...think Taco Bell is losing any money? Think your stomach is happy?


Eat at home save money and be healthier and happier...this is our number one tip to having a frugal retirement living lifestyle.

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