Eat at home improve relationships

Number one benefit of eating at home is that to eat at home improves relationships it requires your family to sit down as a family unit and consume the meal.

This means turning off the TV, not answering the phone... especially a cell phone.

Our friends know better than to call at dinner about your friends?

Not answering the phone during the evening meal, has become a way of life for my spouse and I... that's what answering machines are for, if it is important, for family or friends they will leave a message... lots of times it is a call from a solicitor... or even worse from a political candidate.

You are also sending a great signal to your family, that this time is important to the point that no interruptions of any kind should be allowed...

If you do not do this, start now and see if you don't notice an improvement in family communication.

Eat at home improve relationships, benefit number one

With all the electronic gadgets available we are becoming a nation that does not have a chance to practice basic communication skills... no better chance to do that than at the breakfast table or especially at the evening meal.

Have you noticed that electronic gadgets are replacing conversation in schools, the workplace, and when we travel.

Requiring attendance with no distractions for a family meal will at least give you a chance to give your family an opportunity to let you know what's going on in their lives.

Eat at home improve relationships, benefit number two

We are a family of two, but it is a occasion so rare, may be one or two times a year... that we do not sit down for the evening meal together.

You have each other's undivided attention,when you do so, which increases the opportunities for important topics to be discussed... it's kind of hard to have a meaningful conversation with the TV on anyway.

How many marriage counselors have you heard say, " what we have here is a failure to communicate"...once a day quiet time will go a long way in keeping your marriage on track.

Eat at home improve relationships, benefit numbers three

For those family with children, especially adolescents, requiring attendance at the evening meal will give them a chance to express what is going on in their lives.

" I had no idea that my Tommy or Susie was using drugs..."... maybe if you required Tommy or Susie to be present at the evening meal you may become better informed about what is going on in his or her life.

Better to find out at home of difficulties with your teenager than to get a call late at night from a police officer informing you of a problem involving Tommy or Susie... enough said, you should have the picture that preparing your meals at home and consuming them together as a family has many benefits.

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