East Texas

by Rick Taylor
(Holly Lake Ranch, Texas)

The Tyler-Longview area boasts Texas' best medical services (in Tyler) outside of Dallas, San Antonio and Houston. We live in the tall (100+ feet) pine trees in rural East Texas about 30 miles from Tyler and Longview.

It's a 45-minute to one hour's drive to either one, if you drive the speed limits on the two-lane roads.

Cost of living is cheaper than in large cities, but if you should need to work full or part-time, be aware that wage scales are lower. Hunting, fishing, water sports, etc. are great and minutes away.

The pace of living is rural-area slow, but the two cities above boast all of the amenities for any personal preferences --- the arts, entertainment, dining, sports, outdoors, shopping, hotel-motel accomadations, fun activities for visiting family/friends, etc.

And Dallas, with all of its superior attractions, is only about two hours away via auto --- via the Interstate or two-lane roads. We make our living on the internet.

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