Easiest ways to save money Costco chicken

Costco chicken an easy way to save money

Costco chicken a no brainer to save money

Looking for ways to save money? One of the easiest ways to save money costco chicken...I bet you have passed the rotesserie display many times...next time put one in the basket.

Three meals...at least

My frugal wife goes to Costco every Thursday...remember the basic grocery store tips?.

She always picks up a chicken...see the picture above...the packaging is great and it is still hot, at least in AZ, two hours later.

Not much guessing what's for dinner on Thursday...the fact that we never get tired of it is a plus...or maybe it tastes good because we know we are saving money.

Well folks we are not through eating chicken on Thursday night...the next day the meat remaining is taken from the bone...putting the meat in a processor is an option...having a chicken salad is another...both very healthy, quick, and cheap.

The bone and remaining meat is placed into a crockpot...you have the basis for some chicken flavored soup...add some beans, some corn, veggies (celery, onions, garlic, etc.) and you have avery hearty soup...great for those chilly Arizona mornings in July...just kidding.

The economies

Easiest ways to save money costco chicken...Folks we have made 2 to 3 meals for less than $5.00, more if you add the soup. They are healthy meals...they are delicious...and they meet every requirement for frugal retirement living.

Why we shop at Costco?

We have shopped at Costco for many years...I am not paid in any way to say this either. We find it meets our needs for selection, price, and customer service.

We buy all of our electronics without fail at Costco. Why? they have a no questions asked return policy...abused by many people I might add...and the clincher their US based "Concierge service"...This doubles the manufacturers warranty on TV's and computers for example.

Ever had a problem with your computer...called customer service...and got "Steve or Bob"...it does not take long to figure out that their names are not Steve or Bob. Sometimes they can help but not always...communication...after waiting for 30 minutes on the phone can be a problem.

Now when you call Costco for help...you do not have to wait an eternity...you talk to a US person, no language problem...and the problems are usually resolved quickly.

I never, repeat never buy electronics anywhere else but Costco.

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