Early retirement planning

early retirement planning

Early retirement planning is what we started in 1990, we retired in 1994... I was 49 at the time, my bride 42.

Many years later we have never regretted the decision to retire early.

Our experience gives us the confidence to help you accomplish the same objective.

First of all we will not be giving any investment advice , we will instead focus on how to reduce your expenses not increasing your income. You would not want my investment advice anyway...I'll stick to how to spend less, I am much more confident of my expertise in that area.

We all have different ideas about how much money you will need to retire.

Early retirement planning, you will have to do most of it yourself

We have been told by retirement planners that you can't do this... That is retire early.

That was 1994, we are still retired, very confident we can continue to be retired comfortably... And those financial planners, most if not all are still working.

Have you ever heard from your planner something along the line..." Bill you have worked hard and you're not getting any younger what don't you just go ahead and retire now".

I didn't think you'd ever heard something like that... The large financial companies spend billions in advertising their financial products and there are commissions to be made by selling the products... Therefore you'll never get any encouragement from your financial planner, let alone your friends or coworkers, to retire early.

Get used to the fact that for your early retirement planning you are going to have to do it yourself.

Retirement planners spend about as much time encouraging their clients to retire early as West Point cadets spend on surrender... It's not in their DNA.

Further information on early retirement

Here is some more information you may find useful to encourage you to go ahead and retire.

  1. How to retire young
  2. How to retire early
  3. How not to retire early
  4. Self-reliant retirement
  5. Top ten reasons to retire

This ought to be enough to get you started on what is necessary for your retirement planning... Just remember that you are the one much retiring, it's mostly important to you, and you are going to have to take charge.

Doesn't that just make good common sense? Everyone has to make a living, including financial advisers...they are commission driven, I am not knocking that fact...so was I...but I always looked to provide for my family first.

Just be aware of the above when you ask for financial advice.

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