Discount travel, never pay retail, shop online

Discount travel....we spend our discretionary dollars on travel. We practice frugal living at home in order to give us more money to spend on travel.

You can also save big dollars on travel whether it be hotels, flights, cruises, etc..

For hotels you can't beat the site below...I use them exclusively here in the US, overseas...even on fishing trips.

Most offer free cancellation and best price gaurantee.

If you spend 10 nights with them you get a free night for a comparably priced room. I just completed my 11th night with so I am looking forward to saving even more money on my next trip.

Every little bit helps.

Search Here for Best Hotel Deals!

Discount travel start at Expedia

For general travel I use Expedia and so should you...below is a link to their site with a coupon to make it even cheaper. This is my first stop for air travel. I have found Expedia to be very easy to work with including good customer support.
Save More with Expedia Coupons & Offers!

As you might have well guessed we love to travel but only if the price is right. We have found that is a great resource for apartments throughout the world.

Before and after a cruise we like to stay in a apartment where we can enjoy a great thing we do not do is go out to expensive restaurants...why would you before and after a cruise?

You will get your fine dining fix on the boat...we only snack, can you say tapas, in Spain when we are out. I can taste the ham and cheese croissant we enjoy in Madrid.

But for our evening meal it is in the apartment, with a bottle of local wine, fresh bread and cheese.

Discount travel tips

Most of the time you will be overwhelmed with all the choices.

For instance, when selecting a hotel overseas, we check the proximity to public transportation...sometimes it is the train station, sometimes the Metro or Tube if you are going to London.

Next look at the reviews from fellow travelers, if peace a quiet are important look for complaints about street noise.

Our last trip was to Florence before a transatlantic cruise from Rome's being close to the train station was very important.

We chose the hotel Collodi because it was in the middle of town and very close to the train station.

It also had 249 reviews from previous visitors, earning it a 4.5 rating.

You are really taking a chance by going to a place without a high number of reviews.

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