Did God make it?... an easy way to check and see if a food item is going to be good for you

This may seem simplistic to some, but if a food product is natural it is more likely than not it's going to be good for you... if it comes from a laboratory the taste has been chemically enhanced in order for you to buy more of the product.

Remember the large food corporations have billions and billions to spend on advertising to promote their products... the fact that they spend these billions on advertising is a sure indicator that the advertising is effective and more product is being purchased.

Whether or not it is good for you is immaterial, at least to these corporations, so you have a choice to make... Did God make it or did it come from a laboratory.

Did God make it and organic food

Lately there is a lot of controversy about the benefits of buying organic products... It is a decision that you will have to make for your family... in our family we try to buy organic at least in the vegetables that we consume as much is possible... is it more expensive?, yes it is... we look at it as a form of insurance and an investment in our health.

Stores such as Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and Sprouts...are among the stores that my frugal wife checks weekly for coupons and specials on the bulk items that we consume in a regular basis... such as raw cashews and almonds, vegetables and fruits. 

Did God make it and preservatives

Another easy check on whether to buy a product or not... is to see that you recognize and can pronounce properly every ingredient listed on the product label.

If it sounds like it came out of the glossary of a chemistry textbook, you should consider putting it back, I can understand things like water and salt... I cannot understand products such as red dye number two or other such preservatives.

For your and your family's health you may want to pass on the items that have ingredients that you can't recognize or understand.

This is another reason when grocery shopping to avoid the center of the store... the products you will find there are designed to sit there for months and still be okay to eat.

There is only one way to ensure that and that is the addition of preservatives.

Did God make it conclusion

This is another easy way to insure that what you are ingesting is good for you... if it came from a farm animal, out of the ground, or picked off a tree... it is a good indication that it is good for you.

Are there exceptions?... sure it would probably not be healthy for you to eat steak three times a day, seven days a week... use common sense.

For instance, I can count on getting all of my eggs for Sunday brunch after church... very rarely will we consume eggs other than once a week... it's a healthy habit and it came from a creature that God created.

Thanks for reading Did God make it?

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