cruising retirement

by James Griffith
(Clarksville , Arkansas U.S.A.)

I am married to a wonderful wife from the Philippines. I am thinking of my retirement to go live in the Philippines.

I wish to build a 29' bbc cutter like the the PARDEY'S boat, here in my backyard in Arkansas and launch it in Texas, white oak timber for the keel are very cheap from local saw mills.I am a woodworker and love working with wood, so this would be very rewarding for me.

I have only sailing experience in a small dingy , so I want to gain sailing experience in the gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. After a few years of sailing in the Gulf , I would sail to the Philippines via the Panama Canal and southern route in the Pacific.

There , I would live aboard my boat and since I have family there, it would be very enjoyable to take them on some nice day sails. I would do a lot of cruising around the islands there, and maybe do some chartering or making video's and writing stories in a way to make a living.

If there is anyone out there that is interested in sailing and or the Philippines, or living aboard, please contact me through my email

Editor's comment: The Pardey's boat does not have a motor...building a boat without one is pretty ambitious...I would also check on what the current fee would be to traverse the Panama Canal...Good luck.

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