Communicating the high cost of communicating !

by Donald Todd
(Spokane WA USA)

Don Shooting in OR. on the umpqua river for the Outdoor Channel

Don Shooting in OR. on the umpqua river for the Outdoor Channel

I had a "company" cell phone when I was a TV producer working for a large Media Company in LA CA that came with the job. In 2005 I made the move to Spokane, WA. and had purchased a T-Mobile "pay as you go" phone and plan to use when I was visiting Spokane, and deciding where to live and found it to be more than I could have wanted and a great value over all.

My wife had a Verizon plan and used only around 250 to 300 minutes each month. That phone was costing us around $65. a month or $780. a year. Add in our land line and that was another $700. or so. I had not found a reason to change from the "pay as you go" phone and plan as I was talking to who I wanted to when I needed to. I paid just under $300. the first year I had the phone. I waited for my wife to end her plan and got her a new T-Mobile, pre-paid phone and plan and 3 years later. our total phone expenses are around $600. per year. T-Mobile has a "gold" plan you give them $100. and you get 1000 minutes talk time, these minutes are good for 365 days, use all your minutes and pay another $100. (my wife uses around $250. per year). We did drop our land line and I was using Skype and our cell phones and never miss the land line.

Hint: I did have to get a free E-Fax number and my incoming faxes (very few now) are delivered to my email. I scan in documents as PDF's now rather than fax them and I then email them.

Hint: I did get a free Google phone number that I located in the Santa Monica, CA. prefix for my LA clients and set it up to re-ring on my Spokane cell phone number. FREE !!!

P.S. I just ported my phone number over to a Straight Talk Phone that I paid $30 dollars for from Walmart and now pay only $32. every 30 days (automatically billed) and receive 1000 minutes talk time and 1000 text messages (as if I even send one text a month).
The phone works well all over the US and I only pay a bit more than I have been with t-mobile.

Don in Spokane WA.

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Feb 22, 2011
Good stuff!
by: Joe Ferguson

Thanks for these tips on cell phones. I'm definitely interested in the Straight Talk phone, as soon as my ATT contract runs out. I have been researching this stuff, but your comments answered my questions.

Jun 22, 2010
UPDATE on Communicating the high cost of communicating !
by: Don in Spokane WA

Hello all ! I have an update after my switch to the Straight Talk plan, my wife wanting to be able to text her kids and a few friends decided to follow me to Straight talk and purchased a Samsung Phone ($78.) with a slide out full key board so she can use the 1000 text she gets with her new plan, 1000 min's and 1000 text messages and a I think 60 MPS of data each month for $32.00 a month.

So we no longer pay $50. to $60. each month for a land line and pay about $64. a month for a total of $740. a year for our two Straight talk phones and we have 2000 minuets of talk time with no long distance charges and 2000 text messages.

Case closed until they have free advertiser supported cell service ! Frugal Phone !

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