Colorado...the State That Has It All

by Sandy
(Centennial, CO)

Colorado Stream

Colorado Stream

If you ask a group of people where is the best place to retire you will probably get a different answer from each person. But if you ask me you couldn’t ask for a better state than Colorado. If you like to do it all, outdoor sports like golfing, skiing, hunting, and water sports as well as indoor activities including art galleries, museums and great restaurants, you name it Colorado has it.

I’m the type of person that likes a little bit of everything so I think that Colorado has it all from the new to the old and everything in between. You can go from downtown Denver to a small town in the mountains in less than an hour. Giving you the best of both worlds-fast paced to slow and easy living.

You can drive across the state and see every type of weather, from blue sky to snow storms in one scenic outing. I remember driving across the state one day and I went from sunny skies to rain with one of the most gorgeous rainbows I had ever seen and the next thing you know I was driving in snow and then back into sunshine.

If you don’t like the four seasons you won’t like it here but for the most part it is usually quite temperate, not too cold and not too hot. You won’t find many plastic retirement-only communities but you will find many towns and cities that have personality and are safe, clean and loaded with amenities of a large city but have a lot less stress.

Best state to retire...I'd pick Colorado.

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