Colorado the best state to retire

by Joe
(Linden, Colorado)

My part of Colorado!

My part of Colorado!

***z-c2ads.shtml***I retired 5 years ago, and had many options; I had the freedom to move practically anywhere in the country.

I decided on Colorado, and I believe that I definitely made the right decision. Colorado is absolutely the best state in the country to retire to, and there are dozens of reasons why.

The first and most important reason for me was because the people in Colorado are the nicest people I've ever met. That's not to say that people in other states aren't nice, it's just to say that people in Colorado are just a little bit nicer.

Another reason why Colorado is the best place to retire is the beauty that surrounds you. Nature is everywhere, and you never feel like you're far from a mountain or river.

It's the type of place where you really can appreciate natural beauty. Not only can you appreciate it, you can participate in it; there are no shortage of outdoor activities for you to do.

Hiking in the summer, skiing in the winter; Colorado is the type of place where you can feel young for your entire life. It's a good place to be old because living here forces you to get out and exercise.

You might like Florida, but how much exercise are you really going to get in the muggy summer?

Colorado is a place where everyone remains young because they feel young. It's the best state to retire and it's the best state to live in the entire country; I have no doubt in my mind that this is true.

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