Choosing an Arizona realtor

Choosing an Arizona realtor, can be a difficult process, but finding a good Arizona realtor, will get your retiring to Arizona experience off on the right foot. 

Since Arizona is a popular choice for the best in retirement living, there are lots of realtors to choose from. Currently, there are 20,000 licensed real estate agents and brokers in the state.

Before we go any further I was a commercial real estate broker in Texas for 14 years... I met some excellent brokers and I met some people that put our (I am retired) profession on a par with used car salesman. 

If you just use some common sense and trust your instincts, choosing an Arizona realtor that will serve your needs and make your home buying or renting experience will be a positive one.

How to start the process but choosing an Arizona realtor

First, if you have friends, friends whose opinion you respect, that have been through the home buying process in an neighborhood you're interested in...ask them which agent they chose. 

Second, plan on interviewing a minimum of three agents before selecting one... It is so easy to get tied up with the first agent you encounter, you may be lucky and get a good one you may not be so lucky. Ask for references, the good agents will have a long list of references 

There are two types of realtors...know the difference

I am not referring to good and bad, I am referring to a buyers agent and a selling agent.

Remember all commissions are paid by the seller, so when you see a realtor sign outside of a house the agent on the sign is representing the seller, and has a fiduciary responsibility to the owner of that property.

His or her responsibility is to maximize the proceeds to the seller...nothing sinister here, but an honest agent should only say, "I will submit any offer that you make in writing to the owner". This would be a ethical response if you asked the agent how desperate the seller was to sell.

If you want a broker to look after your, the buyers, best interest you want a buyer representative. It would be most appropriate on their part to ask you for a retainer, a retainer that would be refunded to you upon the completion of the sale. The buyer representative will receive half of the commission the seller pays on closing, if you buy a home listed with another agent. He or she gets all the commission, if you purchase a home that your agent has listed...just be aware of this. 

By using a buyer representative you will be getting the benefit of his or her experience and market knowledge that should be invaluable to you the buyer. Remember, you want to see every single property that meets your needs...anyone can show you only the properties that they have listed.

Trust your instincts

Learn to recognize professionalism. Buying a home is usually the largest investment a family makes. You have a responsibility to your family to ensure you get value for your home buying dollar. 

Success breeds success... If you go to an agency with 50 agents make sure you choose one of the top producers. 

You'll see the plaques bearing the pictures of the top producers everywhere.

Success in selling homes is a result of hard work...the top producers are top producers for a reason...they produce.

Choose a top producer, check the plaques on the wall, they make choosing an Arizona realtor a pleasant and profitable experience for you both. 

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