Choosing Arizona over Florida...Easy for us

When choosing Arizona over Florida for your best retirement living you need to realize that you won't be that close to Mickey Mouse if you decide to retire in Arizona. 

I am excluding politicians...but that is true everywhere.

Now don't get me wrong, being on Medicare and Social Security, does not mean I do not enjoy going to Disney World... I have been many times and would go in a heartbeat if I had the chance.

That does not mean I would want to live in Florida... I have lived in Florida and it's a wonderful state.

However as a place to live Arizona comes out on top in my humble opinion... That is why I have lived in Arizona for the since 2004 and have no intentions of leaving.

Plusses for Florida

When choosing Arizona vs Florida you should realize that no place is perfect and Florida does have its good points. 

Florida does not have a state income tax

Florida offers better access to the water

The Florida Keys offers a Caribbean like climate

Florida has more professional and college teams than Arizona

I am sure there are other plusses for Florida otherwise it would not have so many retirees...

Florida is better than other options. This guy has a sick sense of humor... I would probably like him.

Florida negatives

When I propose choosing Arizona instead of Florida, understand that I lived in Florida for two years and Houston, a somewhat similar climate, for 21 years... So I do have experiences in Florida that I can compare to Arizona.

  • Florida has lots of bugs, better not be allergic to DEET
  • Florida has more humidity...duh
  • Florida's housing is older and more expensive than Arizona's
  • Florida has natural disasters, hurricanes, that Arizona does not

Choosing Arizona over Florida

Because we have been exposed to the humidity and bugs in Florida and Houston. But AZ over FL was a no-brainer for us. 

Sure, we love the water, if we didn't we would not have lived on a sailboat for eight years...we did.

For us, having sunshine well over 300 days a year, is priceless. Now when we have a cloudy day, we wonder what's wrong...

Arizona over Florida, it's an easy choice for us and since you are on site it will make sense for you as well... See you on the golf course, in shorts, in January. 

Choosing Arizona over Florida

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