The cheapest places to retire can be where you are now or may require a move

Everyone is looking for the cheapest places to retire. The current economic situation, with high unemployment is causing lots of folks to be more open minded about retirment planning.

I do not know many folks that would rather work than be retired, and I hope you fall into this category as well.

If the desire to retire is strong you can find a way to do so.

Park model living is one of the cheapest ways to reduce your living expenses drastically.

If that doesn't fit your situation, consider retiring overseas, over a million Americans have done so in Mexico.

Seems living in high style for less than $2,000 a month has a lot of appeal to folks.

I do not speak for everyone but if I have to move to say Mexico to retire because it is cheaper to live there...

This does not look like slumming to me folks.

Many Americans who have retired to Mexico report that it is like small town Amercia 30 years ago.

Could you live with the lifestyle we had 30 years ago?

Common objections to retiring in Mexico

Crime, language and medical care are some that come to mind

You are 3 times more likely to be a victim of violent crime in the USA compared to Mexico...that is a fact. The drug violence is primarily on the one in their right mind would retire to Tijuana , Noglaes or Juarez.

The language you should attempt to is just good manners to do so. Speaking Spanish will expand the places you can choose for retiring. However you can find many expat havens, like the Lake Chapala area, where you are surronded by fellow Americans.

As for medical care, how does $270 a year sound for health insurance. Covers everything Doctor visits, hospitilization, etc. Running out of excuses to retiring overseas?

Wrap up

On this site you will also find the options of living on a sailboat, also RV living and downsizing all of which we have done personally and sucessfully. Point being if you really want to retire there is a way you can do so and do so very well. Enjoy the journey.

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