Cheapest place to retire?

Where is the cheapest place to retire?

This is a question that more and more people are asking today.

The view from your retirement background could be totally different than our present one as seen in this picture.

The  poor economic times we have experienced for the last several years have caused many to delay or postpone the retirement plans.

The happy days of our parents retirement seem far away and we wonder if they're ever going to return.

Finding a cheap place to retire is,nt as difficult as you might think.

Retirement is still possible... do not give up

Do not despair, if you expand your retirement thinking a bit you will realize that retirement is still possible all you have to do is dream a little.

Is retirement going to be the way you planned it would be 20 years ago?

Maybe or maybe not, the key is to not waste your time worrying about things that you cannot control, such as the stock market, the size of your retirement portfolio... all is not lost.

The cheapest place to retire is waiting for you with the right mindset.

The proper retirement mindset

Stop swapping time for money and the cheapest place to retire list will grow when you focus on what's really important... and that is to retire.

This may sound simplistic, but it really is, the longer you wait to retire the less time you are going to be retired and to be physically able to do the things that you wanted to do in the first place.

Financial planners have been telling me since 1994, the year we retired , that you do not have enough money to retire.

They were wrong in 1994, they are still wrong today... and most are continuing to work.

Start thinking about the importance of retiring soon as possible , your retirement horizons will be broader than you ever thought possible.

How much did this retirement experience cost us?

The two  knees that you see in the bottom of this picture, are mine...we were on one of our favorite beaches in the British Virgin Islands...tough huh.

The resort that accompanied this beach charged over $500 a night...we anchored our boat, came ashore in our dinghy, plopped down in one of their hammocks and spent a wonderful day enjoying the view.

We went back to our boat about 3 o'clock, our total cost for this day at the beach... zero.

Tom Clancy and I, alongside my bride, had experienced a wonderful day...for no cost.

If sailboat cruising is not for you, you can have the same experience sitting in a folding chair looking at the mountains, the forests or beaches almost anywhere in the world.

This was a tourist setting, which cost us nothing, and we knew that the tourists visiting for a week would be back at work the next week. Who says you have to spend a fortune to enjoy the retirement setting of your dreams?

Cheapest place to can change

In 1994 for us this was the cheapest place to retire.

We always said that the worst that could happen to us... would be having to return to work.

Since then we have managed to avoid returning to work, and have had adventures that are truly priceless.

If living on a sailboat is not your cup of tea, that's fine and I totally understand.

Why not consider retiring overseas?

If you want to be closer to the children and grandchildren, What is wrong with having a steering wheel in your living room... and take to the road in your RV or travel trailer?

If you want a more permanent abode examine park model living...there are hundreds of thousands of people doing this in the state of Arizona as we speak.

If you think that's trailer park living, you are quite wrong... they have the same view of the Superstition Mountains, in their $15,000 park model mobile home, than the folks living in $3 million homes.

The cheapest place  to retire?

That place is all around you, start thinking how important it is to retire, and you too will find a place to retire that is very frugal.

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