Cheap Living in being rich and working

We have experinced cheap living in retirement...and had lots of fun. How?

Our first adventure in retirement was living aboard a sailboat... in the Caribbean...for eight years

Not only was it a great experience it was cheap living as well.

While on the boat we spent around $1,000 a month on average. Have you ever seen a cash register or credit card reader on another boat...excluding cruise ships of course.

What did we know about sailing?...not much can pick up knowledge as you go.

So cheap living can be fun living

We did not exactly suffer those eight years of cheap living on the boat. We led the life Jimmy Buffett sings about. There really is a change in attitude with a change in Latitude.

If we had waited to retire when our financial planner told us to retire...I would still be working.

Some other cheap living in retirement lifestyles to consider

In addition to living aboard a sailboat, since 1994, we have:

These are listed to give you the confidence to be open minded about lifestyles that are living cheap but also a lot of fun.

So when you think you may not be able to retire because of money...think again...there is always a way to retire where there is a will to retire. 

Looking back I would not change a thing...oh maybe I should have retired earlier. Would you rather be called cheap or keep working.

Maybe you don't mind getting stuck in traffic for an hour...I used to take 30 seconds getting from the anchorage to the bar at happy hour. But fortunately there were several places to tie up and a short ride home in the evening was a lot safer than the freeway.

Best retirement advice

Cheap living in retirement... Which state?


Financial planners can talk all they want about retirement goals, but retiring to a sailboat cannot be expressed in dollars and cents.

I traded nice suits the new cars for T-shirts and swimsuits... And I had the better deal.

I did not take as long getting dressed either.

My friends joked the tailor I used, laid off 2 employees when I quit working...sorry Carlos.

Do not let the word cheap scare you... It can be a lot of fun, trust me.

Thanks for reading cheap living in retirement

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