Cheap living in an retirement that is fun

Cheap living in an RV is a way more and more of us are choosing to retire. What is not to not like the neighborhood, fire up the engine and leave problem solved.

A great time to buy an RV

For everyone moaning and groaning about the economy, it's an opportunity for someone looking for an RV to pick one up or very little money. Rick break The recent economy has made it tough for the sales of new RVs, that includes campers, travel tralers, and fifth wheels.

New unit sales and production is down 50%.

That means opportunity for anyone in the market for a RV.

Since depreciation is so great the first few years of RV ownership, I suggest looking for a used model 3 to 5 years old. 

In this manner you can pick up a fairly new model for half or less what the original owner paid.

If you can afford a new unit great but folks looking for cheap living in an RV will opt for a used unit.

What type of rig should you buy?

Strictly a matter of personal see the same scenery in a pop up camper( tough to live in one fulltime but it can be done) as the fellow in a new Prevost costing over a million dollars of the beautys of Rving.

I would start looking in Arizona or Florida, the used RV market is big in these two states.

If you are a pickup person, look at fifth wheels, it would help if you had the torque of a diesel engine but not necessary. If you like motorhomes, you will probably want a tow car...again a diesel engine helps. Do not be scared at high mileage on a diesel. I speak from experience we purchased a motorhome witf 99,000 miles on the odometer... I would do that again in a heartbeat, with a diesel engine.

These are the same engines that are used in the trucking industry. Going over 500,000 miles before an engine overhaul is the rule for these hard working engines.

What is the very best way to live cheaply in an RV?

Stay at places for long strecthes of time. You will get a big discount over nightly rates if you stay for a month or more. While not moving you will naturally not be using fuel in your RV.

As you RV you will find that certain spots become your favorites and you will want to stay longer and longer. You develop friendships and become very familiar with the surroundings. We spent 4 summers in a row at the Thousand Trails campground in Sunriver , Oregon. The monthly rate was $400, some places in Bend, 20 miles away, charged $40 a night.


Cheap living in an RV is very doable. Buy a used rig, do not be afraid of high mileage on a diesel, and stay for longer spells for the most frugal lifestyle. You can do this...enjoy. 

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