Cheap living in a park model is most of all fun

Cheap living in a park model is a pleasant aspect of this fun lifestyle.

Park model communities are not only cheap compared to "regular neighborhoods", they are like a summer camp for the residents.

From early morning coffee to watching a new movie in the clubhouse can do as much or as little as you choose.

It reminds me of being on a cruise have the daily activities list and you try and pick the most fun activities. Good have a lot to choose from.

Your clubhouse is the hub

Some park model clubhouses are huge, over 30,000 square feet.

another fun day in a park model

Here is a dining room at a park model community.

These function not only as places to eat but for community meetings, dances and the like.

They may or may not contain the craft rooms. Some do but for large special use activities they have their own building.

An example would be the wood shop, they can be huge, 6000 square feet in our community, with every conconceivable machine and tool.

Not up to snuff on using the lathe? No problem, free classes and orientations are set up to show how to use all machines safely.

What do they cost?

Cheap living in a park model community. How affordable are all these activities?

Most all clubs and activities are free or charge a nominal yearly fee to cover improvements. For instance it costs $50 a year for me to use the wood shop...when you realize that there are over 400 members that budget allows us to buy new machines and supplies. This keeps the facility up to first class standards.

There is a monthly fee to cover the operating costs, pay the security guards ( most communities have excellent security) , and pay for park improvements. These run from $200 a month, to over $700 for the newer upscale parks. $350 seems to be a common figure.

The weather is great in Arizona, park model heaven

soaking up the Arizona sun

Here are two refugees from Minnesota, enjoying the pool in January.

There is a perverse pleasure in enjoying the Arizona sun, when your buddies that you just talked to are digging out from the latest snow storm.

Part of frugal retirement living is congratulating each other on your good sense to retire.


Folks there is fun cheap living in a park model community. If you think there is just no way you can afford to retire check these senior summer camps out first. You will be glad you did and you will have plenty of like minded company.Enjoy.

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