Cheap to make cheap living a way of life

Cheap living a way of life in our family for all of our 38 years of marraige...we won't talk about my life as a bachelor. I am an enlightened man now.

Cheap living really isn't is not wasting money

There is a big difference between not wasting and being a miser. We live well, take our vacations, but waste very has become a game that we play well...hopefully, we can give you some tips that you can use.

Goodwill is not just a word from a Christmas carol at our house. My wife shops there all the time.

She constantly gets compliments on her clothes.

She wears them well ...and they are always recognizable designer labels, Talbott, DKNY, Liz Claiborne, Jones of New York, Ralph get the picture.

Here's the catch, she spends no more than $1.00 for each article of clothing.

The exception is shoes she sometimes has to pop for $5.00 to $10.00 a pair for new ones.

Every Thursday Goodwill has dollar day and that is where you will find her at 9AM when the store opens.

Quality does not have to cost an arm and a leg

Now any retailer would go broke selling any item of clothing for a buck...not Goodwill.

They have zero manufacturing costs. So my wife can dress like she shops at Neiman Marcus for can too. This is cheap living a way of life at it's finest.

There is a Goodwill, or other thrift store, in your neighborhood. She buys quality by sticking to the "names" listed above.

We recently went on a cheap cruise, at least it was cheap for us...she wore some stunning evening gowns on formal night...more got it...$1.00. Cheap living a way of life for us and you too.

Ask for discounts...all they can do is say no

To wear on the same cruise I needed a blue blazer. My work clothes were for a man of 165 lbs...15 years of not working has added a pound a they don't fit now. We found a blazer at a high-end thrift shop in Scottsdale.

I found a very nice coat, Yves Saint Laurent, they wanted $50...we found a small flaw in the coat (later easily removed) and asked for a discount. They said sure and we paid $32. Store owners are not going to hurt you...the worst that can happen is they say no.

Asking for discounts is not limited to is limited only by your imagination. TVs, appliances, furniture are all discounted. Be ready to buy when you suggest a price...prepare to be amazed and start living cheaply. Here is how to save big on buying a car.

Scratch and dent stores have big savings

What do big stores do when they mar a brand new refrig. Selling something as-is seems to be beneath a lot of them. Enter the scratch and dent stores.

Scratch and dent stores need to be part of making cheap living a way of life for you...they have trucks and strong backs to haul stuff away. They buy things for a song. These are perfectly good with full warranty. We recently bought a spare refrig (new GE) for $250, 22 cubic feet, made the year we bought it.

In previous years we have bought a high end wine cooler for $100...that is cheap living a way of life folks.

A WORD OF CAUTION...all appliances have a metal tag that gives the production date... make sure you buy as new a unit as possible for warranty purposes.

At any rate make sure you get the latest production date you can...Who pick something out of the store... put an identifying sticker on it to make sure that you get what you bought.

Why doesn't everyone shop at Goodwill?

Or the scratch and dent store...IMHO it is because these stores are beneath some folks dignity. Remember a scratch and dent store can not afford to pay mall rent so they will be in areas of town that may have bars on the windows.

So what...the price is right. If you shop in the morning you should not have any security issues at all. Are you running out of excuses?


There are opportunites to make cheap living a way of life all around just have to step out and take them. Do not be afraid to ask for is all good folks. Enjoy. 

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