Cheap Health Insurance here's how to get the best deal without giving out your phone number

Compare free quotes for health insurance online!

Cheap health insurance... here is my thought process on why I recommend and personally use this company you should too, it is a money saver and does not insult your intelligence.

I claim you do not have to give your phone number...HERE IS A TIP...if you are over 65, on this site, hit individual plans, not Medicare...if you hit Medicare you will be asked for your number...remember the government, which has no business in health care at all thinks you are too stupid to choose a plan on your own. Also do not click on the salespersons insert when the plans pop up. Presto, the medicare plans pop up for YOU to choose.

They don't have any TV advertising to pay won't see any Cavemen or ducks.

They don't have to pay for any big star to pitch their service.

They don't have any offices, which are costly to staff and rent.

All of this goes back to you in the form of lower premium costs.

Cheap health insurance...this is a big money saver

Here's what they will ask you.

  • Your zip code
  • Your date of birth
  • Your spouses date of birth
  • Your children s date of birth
  • Whether or not you smoke
  • Whether or not you are a college student

That is it!!

I just did this for my wife and I.

 Here's what we got, cheap health insurance

We have 112 policies to choose from. With Medicare you will maybe 20...each state will vary. We both use a Medicare Advantage plan from AARP United Health care...we like it because when we leave for the summer we switch to what they call a Passport system, that gives access to urgent care in Oregon.

We take care of ourselves and have never had to use this feature...but it is nice to know that it is available.

We can check to see which ones our doctor accepts... She takes 52 out of the 112 offered.

We can tell a lot about deductibles, what is covered...before we apply.

No one will call...they don't ask for a phone number. Find this feature on another health insurance site.

No emails will be sent unless you apply.

The process took me less a minute...I type with 2 fingers

You cull out what you don't want and apply to the cheapest company that meets your families needs.

This means you only fill out one form. One is enough.

Compare this with the old way of shopping for insurance. You go to the agents office you fill out a long form...then he or she gets back with you a week later with a price. Guess who works on commission?

How long would it take you to fill out 112 forms?

What a waste of your time...Use E Health commissions to pay, no forms to fill out until you choose a policy to apply for.

We have used E health Insurance for our health insurance needs for the last over 20 years. We have saved thousands and have excellent coverage from triple A rated insurers.

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