Car loans, the right financing is as important as the right price on the car

Let me be very transparent upfront, except for our very first few cars we have always paid cash for our cars... Having said that we know that many are not in the position to pay cash.

If that is you there is no sense in you overpaying for your auto loan... In fact it makes sense to have your auto loan arranged prior to visiting the dealer.

Beware of the zero financing deals

Do not fall for the gimmicks, like no payments for six months or zero financing on your car.

The only way these deals work for the dealership is for them to increase the price, or make sure that you pay list price for your car.... Which nobody should do.

Remember, there is no free lunch.

RoadLoans - Auto Finance Made Easy!

Pay as much attention to financing as you do to negotiating the best price for your car...

Please review the page on negotiating and basic car buying tips , You will be glad you did.