Car insurance buy online and save

Car insurance is another major outgo for most families, This is the company that I use personally and recommend.

It is a branch of Allstate Insurance, but without paying for the fancy advertising that you see on TV.

Personally I'm jealous of that guy's voice... Is this a great country or what, pitch a product with a deep resonant voice that projects trust and get paid for it... My kind of job.

At any rate without having to pay for office space and a sales staff this is a great way to save big bucks on your car insurance.... I just saved hundreds and so can you.

You can compare car insurance quotes with other companies as well

The process of buying car insurance online is more involved than getting health insurance quotes...but you are not married to only Allstate.

You can get several comparative quotes for the same insurance from at least four other major AAA rated insurance companies... It just takes a little more time, but is well worth the effort.

The amount of data that insurance companies have on hand is mind-boggling. Just enter your address, and the type of car that you drive, the VIN number Is available to the insurance companies.

I received discounts for the following items by filling out my application online

  • Doing the application online
  • Switching insurance companies
  • Paying for six months in advance
  • Having a PayPal account
  • Having a no claims insurance record
  • Giving any insurance a Facebook like

Folks when you take a look at it it is mind-boggling the number of ways you can save money by doing things online... Purchasing your car insurance is certainly a prime example.

As I said above, I use this company personally, and saved hundreds of dollars when I first used them.