Car buying tips... This can save you a lot of money

Car buying tips will give you some new insight into ways you can be living cheaply without sacrifice.

Buying a new car is the second biggest purchase most people make next to a home.

The key is to spend the least amount possible and still get what you want.

It's a lot easier if you know the ground rules.

A short story

A divorced lady in our church wanted to buy a late model used car.

She made the mistake of going to the dealer by herself and making a deal, she didn't write a check however.

She called us and asked if she got a good deal. I got online found the same car at the same dealership.

Only difference, it was $2,000 less on the internet with no negotiations.

My wife and I went with her to the dealership after a few calls, and helped her buy the car for $2,500 less than the "deal" she made.

Without the unecessary stuff (vin etching, extended warranties, undercoating) they try to tack on to the unsuspecting. This can be a sleazy business.

You need to read this article, especially you ladies.

Car buying tips rule number one:start online

Do not even think of going straight to a dealership to buy a car. You will pay more every time.

When you walk on any lot and are greeted by a salesperson you have just wasted thousands of your dollars for that handshake. There is a reason this is car buying tips rule number one.

He or she that you might think is a nice person is thinking of one thing,a fat commission at your expense.

Nothing illegal but it is their job to sell you a car at the highest price.

Hopefully you look at it as your job to spend as little as possible.

It is amazing how some folks can be intimidated by this process, do not let it be you.

Car buying tips rule number two,do your homework online

Start on line by checking reviews of what you are contemplating buying. They will give you reliability opinions based upon lots of testing.

Check customer satisfaction and owner reviews. Decide on a model.

All of this can be done without making that fatal handshake at the dealership first. Visit the brand website as well, just do not expect any impartiality here, just glean some more info.

Decide on your model, options and go back on line and submit a request for bids. This works best in a large area where there are multiple dealers, the more competition the better for you.

You will be asked for your phone number, usually not a good thing but the people who handle internet sales are not rookies, they are usually veterans that would rather sell cars to people who know exactly what they want. For the internet salesperson, it is an easy life compared to the life on the floor. You will get a firm bid with all costs exposed. I recently went through this process, with 4 dealers competing for my business...

You should get a price not much more than $1,000 over published dealer cost. It is a place to start.

Be calm, you have the edge until you write the check. This is a key tips on frugal living buying a car point...keep the checkbook hidden until you get your price met. Time is always on your side.

You should determine what you are willing to pay, say $250 over cost as an example, but pick a number after you let the dealers compete against themselves. Again take your time.

Car buying tips rule number three,no sweating

Pick one dealer with the best price and let them demonstrate the product,take a test drive. If you like it tell him what you will pay. They will always say I have to check with the sales manager.

Thus starts the process of "sweating".First off, they don't see the sales manager.

They get a cup of coffee,make cell phone calls,then after 30 minutes of sweating you,they come back and tell you it is no deal.

Don't let this happen, make your offer, they will say they have to check,then leave the dealership and ask him or her to call you when they have an "answer from the sales manager".

If they don't say "we'll take it" keep on walking. When they do call they will make a counter offer.

Be firm and say you will buy the car at your price, period. Remember if they won't someone else will.

If this dealer is stubborn call the other competitors and tell them what you will pay. Someone will take it. But to be fair, always give the dealer who demonstrated the product an opportunity to sell at your price.

Car buying tips rule number four,buy on the last day of the month

Start your search in the middle of the month, shop around, and try and time the purchase to the last day of the month. Why on the last day of the month?

Dealers pay interest on every car on their lot at midnight the last day of the month. It is called floor planning.

If the floor plan for your car is $300, you just lowered your cost of buying by at least $250, buying on the last day of the month. On the 30th the owner is yelling at the sales manager, the sales manager is yelling at the salespeople, and the sales people will be calling you at 4PM on the last day of the month with a better price.

Car buying tips rule number five,skip the "value added department"

Car dealerships are so predictible, before you sign the papers on your new car,they will always take you to an office to meet Bill or Mary.

This person has one sole pupose in life, to sell you worthless stuff to add value to the deal...not for you,for them. Some dealers make as much or more money in this final step than they do on the sales price.

PS, Bill or Mary will not be a dummy...this is big bucks for the dealership. Bill or Mary will be pros, they will scare you trying to get you to buy more.

Of all the car buying tips this is where you can give back all your hard work in five firm.

What are they selling?...undercoating, paint sealant, having the vin number etched on the windshield, and the biggie extended warranty. All awful investments for you. Simply say, "I'll skip the value added department"...keep your seat...they will say you you don't... be firm and say you will do the deal at the agreed price plus tax title and license.


Hope you have picked up something from these car buying tips. I wish the car buying process wasnt so predictible...but it is in the dealerships DNA.

this Just know what is coming, why it is coming, and don't get taken. It is hoped that you are now a more informed car buyer. Let me know how much you saved. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading car buying tips...let me know how much you save

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