Can I retire early?...Read this and ask yourself again

Can I retire early? That is a fair question. Lots of people make that decision by looking at how much money they have at the time.

I have always felt that the longer you work the shorter your lifespan due to stress.

Here is a 2010 update on retirement confidence

Therefore, the question should not be can I afford retirement;but ask how much of my life will be left if I retire right now?

Seems like a Chinese fellow, Dr Sing Lin, PhD, made such a study and published a paper in 2002.

If it is 10% true it ought to scare those that are still working, and give a clear answer to whether you should retire sooner than later.

Here is the graph showing the relationship of how long you live after you retire...based on the age of retirement

table of retirement age vs death

Here is the actuarial data for the above graph:

  • retire at 49.9 die at 86.0
  • retire at 52.5 die at 84.6
  • retire at 55.1 die at 83.2
  • retire at 59.2 die at 78.5
  • retire at 61.0 die at 74.5
  • retire at 63.1 die at 69.3
  • retire at 65.2 die at 66.8

Where is this data from?

The study was commissioned after the pension funds of some large corporations were found to be "over funded" They were not paying out benefits to retirees based on normal actuarial tables. In other words retirees were dying before they were supposed to.

Boeing, Lockheed Martin, ATT, Ford wanted to know why.

I don't think they were worried about their retirees...probably more about their bottom line.

I know that sounds cynical, but corporations can be downright heartless at times.

The scary data

From the Boeing employees...the table and the chart show that for people that retired at 50, their average life span is 86; whereas the people that retired at 65, their average life span was only 66.8 years.That is less than 2 years after they retired

Can I retire early?  Conlusion

The next time someone at your company offers you early the above before you think it is to soon to retire. Time rather than money should be your number one driver in answering if you should retire early. This site can show you how to retire on less.

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Do you have a retirement hobby

Here is off site link to full study

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