Bundling services and save money

You have probably seen the ads on television... combining your home, car, boat, motorcycle insurance policies with one company and lower your overall insurance costs.

You can also find opportunities to combine your phone, Internet, cable or satellite TV, and in some cases your cell phone service plans... this also can save you money. 

Bundling services tip number one

bundling services,  will save you money

I recently combined my home phone, my Internet service, my satellite TV and my cell phone provider and saved $45 a month by doing so. 

If you are aware of such offers in your area... start first by doing your research online... I would not however complete the order online, but rather do your research first... there are just too many hidden charges and questions to try and consolidate these services online. 

My router and modem are now obsolete and for sale on eBay, which will save me even more money. 

After you have started the process online make a list of the questions that you will most certainly encounter... in my case my questions were as follows:

  • Type of modem the new provider offered?
  • Compatibility of my existing modem with the new service?
  • Is it cheaper to buy a compatible modem on eBay or Amazon?
  • Link of contract with satellite TV provider?
  • Would I need wireless USB adapters for my computers?
  • Service charge for installation of new service?

Bundling services tip number two

In my particular case I replaced my current phone and Internet service with a provider that offered package deals with the satellite TV company I was already using as well as the cell phone company that I was already using.

With my list of questions, from tip number one, I made the call to the provider... I do not know about you but I would rather take a beating than spending time on the phone with any of the above providers. 

I timed my call and it took one hour in 23 minutes, of negotiating, to come up with the answers to my questions and the very best price. 

Bundling services tip number three

By calling and talking to a live person, I was able to get the installation charge $50-$100, waived... a faster Internet service at no additional charge... a $25 reduction in the cost of the modem... which I purchased.

By asking the phone and Internet provider to contact my satellite TV service on a conference call... the satellite TV provider dropped the price of that service by $15 a month.

There was an additional automatic five dollars per month bundling rebate for both the satellite TV and my cell phone service... that's $10 a month saving.

The initial point of contact the phone and Internet provider, saved me $20 a month over my current phone and Internet provider...

So the mind-numbing process that took almost an hour and a half will save me $45 per month... that is a pretty good return on your investment.

Bundling services conclusion

So if you are looking for ways to save money, and have such a bundling services opportunity... get a copy of the latest bill from each provider... do your research online first... and then call the point of contact provider and negotiate for your very best deal.

Thank you for reading bundling services , I trust that you can save some money.

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