Boomer Early Retirement have to do it

Boomer Early Retirement Planning

When you ask a financial planner about boomer early retirement planning...why would you expect an honest answer?

If I had relied on other people to help me plan early retirement...I would still be working.

I took only my own counsel...retired in 1994...and have loved every minute of it.

Why should you expect any encouragement from friends, family or co-workers when you discuss your desire to retire early?

Do not expect any kind words and you will not be disapointed.

Look at the TV ads on financial planning

You will see as many ads on financial planning as you do on ED...I am sick of both.

Why is that?...There is so much money concentrated in the sellers of financial planning products...they can afford the advertising budget it takes to keep these ads in front of you.

If they were not making tons of money selling these products they would not would not bombard you with these ads...What is your number? Texting with your many steps? big are they?...will we ever retire?

The theme of these ads cannot do this (financial planning) yourself

The sellers of financial planning products create such a mystery about retirement planning...the profits and commissions are huge...the ads will keep on coming.

Folks, you have enough sense to take charge of own your life and early retirement one else cares like you do.

You must have a certain number to of my favorites. You cannot do this without the products being sold by this company...baloney.

What happens when you reach this number?

This is what highly stressed boomers look like.

If you ask the financial planner...hopefully nothing...they want you to work and work, and buy more product...certainly not retire. It is their job to create paranoia in you the potentail retiree. Such as:

  • You know that number was predicated on certain assumptions for the future
  • What if you get sick?
  • If you work a little longer you can get a bigger house, boat, RV
  • The market really looks volitale right now
  • Don't you want to leave something for the kids?
  • You'll need more cash to take the round the world cruise
  • You really do not think you will spend less in retirement do you?

Sound familiar?

Financial advisers are so predictable.

They are still working , why shouldn't you?

Are financial planners evil? they have families just like you do...and they can take very good care of their families when they sell you product.


No one but you can do your boomer early retirement planning.

No one but you will tell you as you age you cannot do the things you did when you were younger.

No one but you will tell you the sooner you retire the longer you will be retired.

A major company has a motto...Just do it...they are talking to you boomers about early retirement.

Best retirement advice

Boomer early retirement planning

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