Best ways to retire early? Ask yourself two questions

If you are looking for the best ways to retire early...stop for a moment, do a little homework first,this will pay big dividends down the on. 

In 1989 I knew I wanted to retire. I was looking for the best ways to retire early. I was 44.

I also wanted to make sure I was retiring to something...not just away from work. I had heard the stories about people retiring...not doing anything...and dying of heart attacks within a year of retiring.

So I made 2 lists. One of things I never wanted to do again; the other of things I hope to do, when I retired.

After making these lists I referred to them over the years, although less frequently as time went 20 years have passed and I want to share these lists with you. 

Things I never wanted to do again

This is the original document scanned.

22 things I never want to do again when I retire

How did I do? Well the final decision is not yet in, but there is nothing on the list that isn't true now.

And I owe it all to the frugal living lifestyle.

Things I hope to do in retirement

22 Things I hope to do in retirement

How did I do?

Going down the list I never learned much astronomy; I weigh 180, but in good shape; spent very little time, after retirement, in our old home town of The Woodlands, Texas; stopped taking cruise ship vacations, at least while we had our own boat; money, we know now not then, how little we need to enjoy life ; I am still very excited about being retired since 1994.

These are two ways to retiring early, make a list of what you never want to do again and things you hope to do, when you do retire.

I would encourage everyone to make the same lists, with what is important to you and your loved ones. Refer to the list and see how well you are doing. I'm pleasantly surprised that I am on track with essentially the same goals I had in 1989.

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