Best State to Retire In for Good Weather

Arizona or Florida?

Best state to retire in for good weather.

I am not trying to start World War III, but here is my thought process for choosing the 

I have lived in both states for many years, currently living in Arizona...and would be happy in either one, thank you.

My first reason would be both offer great chances for great golf...with the following caveat.

You need to determine your tolerance for humidity, high temperatures and insects that bite.

The humidity

Arizona is dry...duh. Florida has high the summer time your shirt will cling to you as you leave your air conditioned house.

Any time at all outside and the ladies are complaining about their hair drooping if you are going out to dinner.

On the bright side, your muscles are sure loose and you may have less strains and pulls in the muggy heat.


The temperature

It is 110 as I write this...I tee off at 12:30...yeah but it is a dry is still 110...bring and drink lots of water, stay in the shade.

Florida has warmer temperatures in the winter. It can get to the 60s in January in Arizona...I have never had to wear more than a sweater and windbreaker to play golf.

Florida however can get into the 70s at times. Edge...Florida.


Not even close, no bugs in Arizona, lots in Florida. I do not know what I will do with all the "Off" I have accumulated. Thie also makes it pleasant to be outside longer in Arizona. Big edge...Arizona.

The sea

There is nothing like living on or close to the water...I miss the smell of salt air. If this is you, only Florida will satisfy. Big edge to Florida.

Best state to retire in for good weather other criteria

I lived on a sailboat in the Caribbean for 8 years...hurricanes are no fun. They will occaisonally hit Florida. A friend who lives well inland in Orlando screwed plywood over his windows 3 times in one season. You do not have to worry about hurricanes in the desert. Big edge to Arizona.


Best state to retire in good weather? I could have moved to either state to retire...I chose Arizona for the reasons stated above. You and only you know what is best for your situation..hope this helps.

Thanks for reading the best state to retire in for good weather

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