Best retirement states... Be careful how you choose

The best retirement states for you may be a lot different for you and the next person.

Be careful how you choose, there are many more factors than you are probably aware of at first glance.

Most of all the best advice I could give you, is to take your time, you have earned your retirement over many years of working... being patient in choosing a place to enjoy that retirement should be a priority.

Enjoy the process, we took our time and we have never regretted our decision.

When choosing a retirement location do not be fixated on taxes

If you made the decision solely upon taxes, everyone would choose Alaska.

Now I love Alaska which has no state income tax, no state sales tax, and all Alaskan citizens actually get a check because of the oil generated in the state...then there are the winters.

The downside is that everything has to be trucked in, flown in, or come in by boat... making a lot of day-to-day necessities expensive.

If you are very fortunate to have a high retirement income... first of all thanks for visiting the site... you would probably want to focus on a state with no income tax such as Florida or Texas.

For the person living solely on Social Security there are 34 states that do not tax Social Security income.

So what is left to make the decision to determine the best retirement states for you

If not taxes what else is important... how about?

  • Proximity to healthcare
  • Cultural activities
  • Recreational opportunities
  • Safety, security and crime rate
  • Proximity to family... remember that works both ways
  • Climate

If I were you I would sit down  with my spouse or partner and have each one of you make a list of things that you never want to do again and things that you do want to accomplish in retirement.

Make sure you make the lists separately and then compare them...I would suggest  over an adult beverage...head off disparities in what is important as soon as possible, with any coercion and you will be way ahead of the game.

Here is our list that we made over 20 years ago, looking back at the old list there is not much at all that we would change. Do not skip this important step...really, if you listen to nothing else.

Enjoy finding what the best retirement states are for you and your loved ones.

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