Best retirement locations for you

best retirement locations

Best retirement locations, it is different for everyone ...we will show you how to methodically find what is right for is not rocket science...and the process can be fun.

Let us show you how to do will not be about sacrifice.

Does my wife look stressed in the adjacent photo?

I do not think so...your piece of paradise is waiting for you...don't care for sailboats?...fine, we don't own one now either...that still does not mean that everything you need to know about frugal retirement living is on this site...(there are over 360 pages, so you may have to dig a little).

Finding the best retirement locations for you assumes that you have learned how to live frugally...

If you have learned to watch your pennies, you will have more choices in retirement locations than most folks.

Finding the best place to live, is very personal, what would work for you may not work for everyone.

But there are certain criteria that everyone should examine before picking the best spot for you.

Let's get started... And remember this is fun, dream a little, and enjoy the process.

Criteria to determine the best retirement spot

  • The climate
  • Cultural and recreational opportunities
  • Types of communities
  • The ability to supplement retirement income

Let's take a look at each one of these criteria, they are all important.

Best retirement locations the climate

There is no right answer to what climate you desire. You want the beach you can have it, you want four seasons you can have it, you want to be close to the grandkids you can have it.

We prefer Arizona because of the warm weather, no humidity, and no bugs. You may want to smell the salt air from your doorstep... It's strictly up to you which climate that you choose

The type of retirement community is an important criteria

You may have a preconceived notion of retirement communities that feature only shuffleboard and scrapbooking clubs... If that's what you want there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

If you prefer something more active, things like golf courses, hiking trails, Pickle ball...there are active retirement communities if you prefer something more sedate that's fine as well.

You know yourself and what you like to do better than anyone, choose what you like to do.

Are there chances for community service in the community?

Is there a place of worship that suits you close by.

Is the community  like-minded politically? A tough one these days

All of these things go into choosing the best retirement locations for you and your family.

Does this location offer opportunities to supplement income?

This may or may not be, important to you,  in this electronic age, you may find that you have opportunities to earn if you retire to Florida, Arizona or Panama... You are not limited geographically like folks of earlier generations.

Here's how we supplement our retirement income.

In closing are you starting to believe that you have more retirement choices than you thought?

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