Best retirement locations in the US

Best retirement place for A, B and C...which are you? One size does not fit all, when it comes to finding the best retirement locations in the US. If that were true, I would find it very crowded here in Arizona.

Let's take a look at three couples that represent three different retirement situations. They will represent 3 different situations both economic and what they are looking for in a domestic retirement location. Couple A, B and C are all 62 years old...they live in the Mid-West...and are retiring in the next 6 months.

Couple is tight

Bill and Bonnie have worked all their lives, raised three kids, and have several grandchildren. They have lived within their means but have only the equity in their house, $100,000 as a retirement nestegg. They are just drawing Social Security and have a combined SS income of $2500 a month.

They choose Mesa, Arizona as their retirement spot. Why? They have friends that love the park model lifestyle they have enjoyed for years in Mesa. They have their eye on a new home that will cost $50,000. These communities of manufactured homes range in size starting at 100 units and going to well over 2,000 units.

Bill looks forward to playing golf on the 3 courses thay have within the highly secure compound. Bonnie looks forward to playing bridge and doing crafts...then they both head to the pool.

It's a cruise ship on many things to do. Since I live in Arizona, I say right on, for our state being among the best retirement locations in the US.

Couple B...solid middle class

Art and Ginny, are retired teachers, like to play golf...have a combined monthly pension of $7,000 and assets of $600,000. Since they have 2 kids with 4 grandkids in Sacramento they choose Auburn, California.

They can visit the grandkids...and still ski at Lake Tahoe. They will have a home in Auburn, with enough land for the garden Ginny has always wanted. Ginny has a health condition that makes keeping their medical coverage they have through the state imperative.

For these two the best retirements location in the US had to include California.

Couple C...well to do

Dan and Shirley, are selling their home in Kenilworth, north of Chicago. Dan is a partner at a large law firm...his pension will vary but it is expected to be mid six figures. 

The have over three million in assets...not counting the home equity which may double their net worth.

They have chosen Islamorada, Florida. Dan wants to work on his 10 handicap and do battle with the snook, tarpon and bonefish that teem in the shallow waters of the Florida Keys. Due to his high income the no state income tax that Florida offers was a prime motivator in choosing Florida...they also considered state tax there.

Shirley will keep herself busy with volunteer work and the 7 grandkids. For these high powered retirees the best retirement locations in the US had to give them the tax breaks they desired.

All will enjoy retirement

All of these folks will have a ball in retirement...all will golf to their hearts content. A on site, B at the several municipal courses in Auburn, C at the posh Islamorada Country Club.

All will enjoy visits from the grandkids...all will eat out the same number of times a month a they did when they worked.


Picking the best retirement locations in the US means fitting your choices into your means and what you want to accomplish in retirement.

Where this is a will to retire there is a way to make each retirement location fit your lifestyle and budget.

A good source on retirement living...I am a member

Thanks for reading the best retirement locations in the US

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