Best retirement communities there is one waiting for you

best retirement communities

Best retirement communities? Golf anyone, the active retirement community we chose has four semi private golf courses.

We live in a Del Webb master-planned community of 9200 homes in a suburb of Phoenix Arizona.

It costs about an average of $30 per round depending upon the frequency that you play...

That is not bad when you compare that cost per round to most golf courses.

If golf is not your sport that's not a problem retirement communities today offer something for everyone.

We have a saying in Sun City Grand, if you are bored it is your fault...this place has it all for the retiree that is not ready for the rocking chair. You may enjoy a rocking chair after a full day of fun but you do not have to stay in one all day.

What is important to you in choosing a retirement community?

If you ask a golfer and an opera lover what's most important you're likely to get two different answers, here's a short list of things that you should consider in choosing the best retirement communities :

  • Health care availability, more important as you age
  • Proximity to relatives... Remember this works  both ways, do you want near or far
  • Climate... Usually number one on everybody's list
  • Recreational opportunities... Golf, major league sports, fishing, college football
  • Taxes...this is more important for some than for others
  • Cultural opportunities... Operas, the symphony, chili cookoffs, what's right for you?
  • Transportation... How far as the nearest airport?
  • Restaurants... Do you need a weekly Mexican food fix?
  • Continuing education... A chance to improve skills, learn a language?
  • Political atmosphere

Best retirement communities activities

Here is where we live, we are not moving after 14 years

This lady may care less about the condition of the golf course as long as she has the ability to go to the pottery lab and work on her latest project.

The larger the retirement community that you choose the more craft activities you will encounter... Where we live there are also our clubs, stained glass Studios, a 5000 ft.² woodshop, bocce ball, lawn bowling, computer clubs.

Also included are several community swimming pools... Some allow children some don't... Tennis courts, Pickle ball ( if you don't know what pickle ball is you soon will).

We have lived in our home in Sun City Grand since 2004 and have not regretted it at all.

There is something for everyone in the great retirement communities.

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