Best dating website

The best dating website, on frugal retirement living?

While you can certainly enjoy the benefits of frugal retirement lifestyles by yourself... I think it is just so much more fun to share it with your best friend.

Having said that if you are single, and would like to be in a relationship... one website to help you find a life partner stands out head and shoulders above the others.

I have been approached many times by dating websites, but I was waiting to be approved by the one I'm going to introduce you to today... It took 10 years, but this particular advertiser is very particular about who they want to promote their valuable service.

I admit that I've been extremely fortunate for to be married to the same woman since January 1975.

Our favorite frugal lifestyle of all those that we talk about were the eight years we spent in the Caribbean living on our 35 foot sailboat… If you're not compatible with your mate, I really can't see that being a lot of fun...35 feet does not allow a lot of personal space.

We discovered then and still believe now, that we express our love for one another by spending time with each other.

The point is that compatibility can be measured if you are willing to put in the time necessary to provide enough data to find just the right person for you.

Best dating is all about compatibility

There are several solid reasons why I would recommend you choose eharmony as the beat dating website, if you are serious about finding the right person in the most efficient manner.

I know that doesn't sound very romantic but what sets eharmony apart from the other dating websites is the time that you must invest in filling out a questionnaire that will take you hours.

This site founded in 2000 by Dr. Neil Clark Warren author, and clinical psychologist who  has patented his questionnaire...and it is based upon proven science.

A few points that should be important to you and why eharmony is the best dating website

  • It takes hours of input from you to make eharmony work, the most popular dating service takes 30 minutes, this should eliminate those that are "just looking"
  • An astounding 4%of all US marriages start on eharmony
  • the average US divorce rate is 50%, with eharmony marriages, it is less than 4%...sound interesting? It should, if you want the best dating website
  • 70% of those who join eharmony find their mate within a year
  • eharmony does the matchmaking for you , by sending you matches they feel up to you to take the next step, as opposed to exposing yourself to the world on some other sites
  • eharmony, after a free trial, will cost you money, so the people that use eharmony have committed time as well as their hard earned bucks...they are serious, the free sites...well you get what you pay for
  • 40 million people are now dating online, doesn't it make sense to use the best dating website?

I have known folks that treat online dating as a joke, like "You won't believe what he or she wrote"...eharmony, the best dating website, weeds out these flakes.

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