Best customer service, as important as price

We probably have more bad experiences with customer service than we do with companies that offer outstanding customer service. 

If you spend any time on the phone, with a cable company, satellite-TV company, cell phone companies, or been to the Department of Motor Vehicles... you probably have a good idea of what constitutes poor customer service non-enthusiastic employees, bureaucratic nonsense, etc. 

Best customer service example number one

best customer service

I had to replace my 10-year-old garage door opener this week...the customer service that I received over the phone from Chamberlain, was truly outstanding. 

Tuesday I spent one hour on the phone, Chamberlain is based in Tucson, with a technician, Warren, that walked me through several diagnostic steps... after an hour he recommended a new unit... but not before exhausting all opportunities to fix the existing 10-year-old unit. 

After I purchased, $128 at Lowes, and assembled the new garage door assemblies you see pictured, I called Chamberlain back, got a different technician, Aaron, who spent another hour with me going over the setup and adjustment of the unit... very patient and all is well with my garage door opener now. 

The fact that Chamberlain is also very involved in the Wounded Warrior Project, also shows their involvement in worthwhile community projects. 

I am not affiliated with Chamberlain in any way shape or form, but they are an outstanding example of great customer service. 

If all companies operated like Chamberlain, everyone would be happy with the products they purchase... knowing that the company will stand behind them if there is a need. 

If you need a garage door opener, go Chamberlain...

Best customer service example number two

As many of you know I am a big fan of Costco, here's the link to the page on site.

On a recent trip out of town, my car GPS died, we walked into the nearest Costco, with nothing but the unit, the power cord and my Costco card... we had a full refund of what I paid for the product in five minutes.

I would never consider buying any electronic product except from Costco...they have an extended warranty program they call Concierge Service.

I have had nothing but quick and informative service from Concierge Service and have been walked through several problems with computers, printers and cameras that I purchased from Costco.

So if you have spent frustrating minutes or hours on the phone with customer service reps from tech companies you know what I'm talking about.

Once again, I am not compensated or affiliated with Costco.

Best customer service, other great companies

Chamberlain and Costco, are the customer service superstars as far as I'm concerned. 

I also have found employees in the Apple store to not only be extremely knowledgeable, but very happy to be working there... happy employees are a great indicator of a company designed around helping their customers. 

Trader Joe's is a grocery store with happy cheerful employees. 

Tilley hat company from Canada also has demonstrated outstanding customer service. 

I wish I could say that good customer service is the norm rather than the exception, but that's not true... but I do think you should consider using the companies I've mentioned with whom I have had outstanding customer service. 

Thanks for reading best customer service

...don't settle for less. 

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