Best country to retire and man's observations

Best country to retire and relax...when choosing such a country it is important to factor in relaxation...there would be no benefit to retiring to a country that is cheap to live in, if you were bored out of your mind.

Best country to retire and relax can be one of many places. It always makes sense to hear from someone who has lived and is living overseas right now.

We hear a lot lately about "boots on the ground" and there is no substitute for first hand experience.

Let's take a look at someone who is doing just that. He has property in 3 countries to be exact Ecuador, Brazil and Uruguay.

If you would like more info on a second home overseas click on the picture above.

Why...because living overseas is cheap much cheaper than living in the United States or Canada.

Best country to retire and's the start of the day

The following are excerpts from Lee Harrison's observations on what to expect when moving overseas.

Lee writes about the five things you will appreciate every day when you retire overseas, International Living Magazine a must have for anyone contemplating living oversea In the January 2010 issue of IL Magazine...he writes:

"The brilliant sunshine begins streaming through the bedroom window at about 5:15 a.m.

Within 10 minutes, my golden retriever is bounding ahead of me through the front gate, ready to plunge into the calm waters of the south Atlantic.

It's his favorite to eating and riding in the Jeep.

Our tortoise-shell cat takes up her position on the garden wall, where she can see the early beach strollers and watch for our return. The fishermen are already at work repairing their nets or cleaning the overnight catch.

By 6 a.m., local beach bar and restaurant owners are busy tidying up around their establishments. They're places where cold beer, sizzling shrimp, and fresh seafood will be ready before noon. When I think of Quality of Life, passing the days at our winter home in Brazil is one of the first things that comes to mind." 

The five things Lee writes about are topics we have covered before.

  • An affordable, high standard of living
  • Affordable medical care
  • Great weather
  • Freedom
  • The people...and the time to get to know them

The best country to retire and relax can be anywhere you like. You pick the climate, you pick the scenery.

If you are at all serious about living overseas...this is a vital resource

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