Bend Oregon is a Nature Lover's Dream

by Janis
(Bend, Oregon)

We came to Bend Oregon quite by accident, as we were trying to settle in the Ashland Oregon area, but could not find affordable housing or work there.

My husband found a consulting job at St. Charles Medical which is the main hospital in Central Oregon, and he loved the open, caring and professional atmosphere there. He eventually got a full time job and we decided to relocate, and I've absolutely fallen in love with the area!

Wide open skies, stunning mountain views, amazing wildlife, gorgeous sunsets and the most incredible starlit nights are just a part of the charm of Bend Oregon. Oh, and I do love the sand and the juniper and sagebrush, I've become a real high desert aficionado!

The best part for me is the community. I love the people here, and there is a real feeling of being welcome when you come here. I've had the unfortunate need of a lot of medical and dental work since I've been here, but the doctors and health professionals are excellent and outstanding.

I once heard that many people at the top of their profession relocate to Bend Oregon, and I've met some really impressive and skilled health professionals.

There is also a healthy and growing alternative health community so if you need acupuncture, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors or energy healers, you will find many caring practitioners to choose from.

There are many places here to enjoy the outdoors so if you like skiing, biking, mountain climbing, hiking or river rafting, you'll find plenty to enjoy here. I hope you visit and enjoy your stay!

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Dec 04, 2009
Yep it really is that beautiful
by: Gary

If I have not said it before we would be living in Bend instead of Arizona, if we could stand the cold winters.

It is great city and for those with thicker blood a great place to retire.

Thanks Janis

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