Baby boomers in restaurants, an occasional meal out of the house is okay

When we were working we ate out a couple times a week, now we cut it down to once a week. 

aby boomers and restaurants

If you haven't figured out by now one of my favorite vacations is to go on a cruise ship... their all bets are off and I eat what I want... a workout everyday and at least three days of juicing when I return and I've lost all the weight I gained on the cruise.

This happens to be my frugal wife's __ birthday, on a cruise ship. 

Our number one tip for frugal living is to eat at's healthy, it's cheaper, and improves your families communications. 

If you haven't already make sure to get the free e-book and email course on weight loss click here goes into greater detail about the benefits of eating at home.

Baby boomers and restaurants, tip number one

Okay you been invited out to eat, hopefully with someone else paying, how do you make the healthiest choices from the menu... it can be difficult at times.

When we go and eat Mexican food, which I dearly love, I stay away from the chips and salsa... the salsa is okay but the chips are deep-fried and not okay.

I order the same thing every time a fish taco, it comes with a lot of lettuce and cabbage and tomatoes, which I eat, but do not eat the tortilla...Tortilla's are made with lard and are just generally unhealthy.

In a more traditional restaurant, stick to salads with vinegar and oil dressing... avoid the temptation to fill up on bread.

I know from experience that even on a cruise ship, if I stay away from bread, my weight gain is minimal...

Baby boomers in restaurants, tip number two

Stick to fish and chicken, both broiled if at all possible... Preparing fish can smell up the house so take advantage of being in a restaurant and have a slab of salmon or halibut.

No fried chicken is not okay, sorry Col. Sanders...

If you must have a hamburger, pass on the bread just eat the meat. 

Baby boomers in restaurants, tip number three

How about the side dishes... load up on the vegetables their fine... rice is okay.

Hopefully you have realized that Sweet potatoes are much preferable to white potatoes... so order those if you can. 

Baby boomers in restaurants, conclusion

Totally avoiding restaurants is not practical but use the principles that you use when you eat at home... avoid sugars and processed foods, and take a look at the above suggestions. 

You be able to enjoy your meal out without feeling guilty about what you're consuming. 

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