Baby boomers eat breakfast

Tip number three on easy and inexpensive ways to improve our health is another simple tip, make sure you eat a good breakfast.

You would not make the mistake of getting in your car without making sure you had enough gas to get you to your destination.

Why treat your body any different, it needs fuel too, and it's up to you to provide the nutrition in the first meal, to get you through your day.

Baby boomers eat breakfast, benefit number one

Our body's metabolism is at its highest when we first wake up... assuming we got a good nights sleep the night's a reminder on how to get a good nights sleep.

Because our body's metabolism is so high in the morning you can eat a greater quantity of food in the first meal than you can later on the day as your metabolism slows down.

I am not saying it's okay to have a Twinkie for breakfast, you need to use common sense in what you put into your stomach.

My breakfast meal has not changed for quite some time, oatmeal, with bananas or blueberries, and crushed walnuts.

I find that this is sufficient and nutritious fuel that I need to get through the day.

If you have the time to fix eggs and bacon and post, more power to you, just remember how important eating breakfast is.

Baby boomers eat breakfast, benefit number two

Since your metabolism is so high in the morning it also is the best time to get your daily exercise.

It is almost just as harmful to your sleep if you vigorously exercise before you go to bed... you need your system calm and ready to rest when you hit the sack... running 5 miles, taken a quick shower and going to bed, does not work for most people.

So get your exercise done the first thing in the morning and then enjoy your breakfast.

Baby boomers eat breakfast, benefit number three

If you put the same thing every day into your system to start the day you will find that your bodily functions will become more "regular"...I am not going to dwell on this I think you know what I am talking about, in this is also a very important health issue.

Remember what were trying to do is to ensure our retirement years are productive and healthy years... the simple things that we can do to improve our health should be part of our daily routine.

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