Baby boomers can retire... With desire and common sense

Despite what most financial planners say, baby boomers can retire... Never has there been so much doom and gloom about baby boomers not being able to retire.

Here's the proof...Google has a great tool to allow you to stay on top of whatever subject you are interested in ... Mine happens to be baby boomers and frugal retirement living.

Here is the is simple and painless and best of all free.

The world's largest search engine scours postings from newspapers, magazines and web articles each day and sends them to you by e-mail... You should use the service no matter what your interests are....gardening, quilt making, stamp collecting... You get the idea.

On the baby boomers and baby boomer retirement alerts I average around five articles per day... They are all very predictable.

They seem to have a common theme, baby boomers will be working longer, baby boomers are giving up on retirement, in general baby boomers are doomed.

Check out who is writing and why?

Remember good news, doesn't seem to sell, they make very poor soundbites. Rather what you see on the evening news would make anyone doubt baby boomers can retire.

The articles are written by the financial editors, who in turn are beholden to the institutions that buy the advertising from the media institutions for who they work... This isn't illegal or sinister but stop and think a minute.

What is the only branch of the economy that has been going gangbusters the last two years??? Financial institutions... Guess what products they have to sell? 

  • Follow the green line
  • What is your number?
  • Seeing you in 30 years
  • Whole life insurance policies

Get the picture...the advertisers pitch their products right after you are being told that no longer baby boomers can retire and live comfortably...unless they buy their products...

The old adage, "follow the money", has never been truer than right now. 

Now the good news

Why not explore cheaper options for retirement living? You will never hear these from your financial planner, your friends might think you're crazy, you will not get any encouragement at work.

We have personal experience, being retired since 1994 (I was born in 1945, do the math)... In such low cost lifestyles as:

  • Living in foreign countries
  • Downsizing
  • Full-time RVing
  • Living on a sailboat in the Caribbean

We are also quite familiar with Park model living...yes you can buy a house, in a secure, 55 and over, community with a cruise ship atmosphere... For $10,000 right here in sunny Arizona.

These are all FUN and doable on your Social Security boomers can retire, if they really want to retire, by exploring low-cost options such as these listed above.

Baby boomers can retire...Conclusion

Yes baby boomers are retiring, if they sit back and examine lifestyles that cost less... Instead of stressing for the need to make more money in order to retire... A little income on the side would certainly not hurt...

My final word of advice, stop listening to the evening news, and concentrate on what you can control... And retire and enjoy.

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