Baby boomers and sugar, eliminate sugar and get healthy

baby boomers and sugar,  a wheelbarrow full of sugar

Baby boomers and sugar...not good. This wheelbarrow will hold, heaping over the sides, the average amount of sugar consumed per person each year... 150 pounds.

That is the average, that means 50% of the people consume more than hundred and 50 pounds a year.

This sugar consumption, is our number one health enemy, leading to obesity and perhaps diabetes.

Baby boomers and sugar, why is it bad for you?

Sugar contains empty calories, that have little or no nutritional value.

It is stored by your liver as fat which leads to obesity, which leads to heart trouble, which leads to high blood pressure, which can lead to diabetes.

Can you think of any health benefits of being fatter, having high blood pressure, may be diabetes... our sugar consumption and its resulting obesity increases your risk of all these conditions none of which are good for your health.

Baby boomers and sugar, how about natural sugar substitutes

Sugar is sugar, if you ingested in the form of honey or corn syrup, fructose... and other " natural" sources of sugar.

It still overloads the liver and turns to fat.

On my previously favorite cereal, which I bought at a health food store, the ingredients contain the words ," and lightly sweetened with organic evaporated cane sugar for utter irresistibly"... translated that utter irresistibly will go straight to your stomach and hips... you think you're eating healthy but you're not.

One of the most favorite breakfast cereals of all, you can guess which one, is sweetened with honey. it contains two thirds of the amount of sugar that is in a Twinkie.

Baby boomers and sugar, how about the red, blue and yellow substitutes?

Sorry, these products contain chemicals that trick our brain into think that we are consuming sugar... they overload the liver by increasing its workload in removing impurities from the blood.

"Diet" sodas are among the worst offenders for containing sugar substitutes, ie: chemicals, that overload the liver.

The conclusion that you can draw is that anything that contain sugar, or makes your brain think you're consuming sugar is bad for you.

Baby boomers and sugar, my story

When I realized that I was eating a lot more sugar than I thought it was I eliminated it from my diet.

In less than a month my blood sugar, diabetes runs in my family, went from 100 to 80... and the worst thing was I thought I was eating healthy.

Learn how to eliminate sugar from your diet... removing the chances of me contracting diabetes is priceless, you should try to eliminate sugar from your diet as well.

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