Baby boomers and processed foods

There is probably no more danger to your health than the consumption of processed foods... avoid them at all costs.

What are processed foods

Anything that you buy at a fast food restaurant, anything that comes out of a vending machine, and anything that comes out of the center of the grocery store.

Fast food restaurants... please... the food comes in 18 wheelers, and is loaded with preservatives and salt... this food is designed for one thing and one thing only... to stimulate your taste buds and make you want to eat more... stay away from them.

Vending machines... please... anything that has to be wrapped in packaging material has the same preservatives... some candy can set in a vending machine and still be fresh... sodas are loaded with sugar and/or preservatives... more on sugars later, but diet drinks due to the chemicals they contain are probably worse for your health than a soda containing sugar.

The center of the grocery store... please... again these products have to have a long shelf life, they have to be able to sit on a shelf for months and still be consumable... this is done with chemicals... chemicals are bad for you..

Baby boomers and processed foods, what's the harm?

All the blood in your body is processed constantly by your liver... I am not a doctor, but do know that the liver has over 500 functions that are essential to your health... anytime a chemical that is contained in food enters your liver, your liver leaps into action and does its job.

The point is why introduce poisons that the liver has to remove in the first place?

One function of the liver, if it's not busy getting rid of the processed food chemicals, is to burn up fat... if the liver is busy doing other things it cannot perform this important function... guess where the fat goes... right to your hips and belly.

Food companies are constantly developing chemicals to improve the taste and improve the shelf life of their products...

Baby boomers and processed foods, don't be a marketing statistic

The chemicals that improve taste and improve shelf life are designed to trick our bodies into buying more products... and the major food companies have billions to spend on advertising.

Ever see something labeled as 33% less fat or 33% less salt or 33% less sugar... that is replaced by chemicals that trick your taste buds into thinking that there is the same amount of fat, salt and sugar in the product... don't fall for it.

Baby boomers and processed foods, the best way to avoid them

The most obvious way to avoid them is not buying... but avoiding processed foods falls in to frugal retirement living number one tip to save money, improve your health, and improve your relationships.

It is very simply eating or preparing most or all of your foods at home, then you know what you and your family are consuming...get your free e-book with more details on this Tip...this one is a no-brainer folks.

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