Baby boomers and fats, some fats are essential

If you think eliminating all fats will help you lose weight and improve your health... you are wrong, certain fats are essential to good health.

Doctors recommend getting at least 10% of your calories that you ingest daily from fats... but not just any fats.

Everyone has heard that Eskimos aren't the slimmest people in the world but have very low incidences of heart disease and cancer... they eat a lot of fish and we can learn from them what fats we should be consuming.

Baby boomers and fats, the good fats

The fats that the Eskimos are consuming come from the fish that makes up a big part of their diet... omega-3, not omega-6, fish oils are very good for you.

And don't forget the whale's favorite, krill oil.

Butter contains good fats, a good rule of thumb is if God made it it's okay to eat...

Another thing I learned when I purchased the following Common sense eating plan, was that there is a much better oil for you to use for cooking than olive or canola oil.

It also makes for absolutely delicious oil and vinegar salad dressing... I actually look forward to eating salad now that I'm using the right oil.

Baby boomers and fats, fats to avoid

Butter substitutes are among the worst offenders... think about it butter comes from a cow, butter substitutes from a chemical laboratory.

Which one do you think your body processes most efficiently?

Stop and think how much money the food companies spend to convince you that their product is lower in fat has less calories and is better for your health than natural butter...the answer is billions of dollars every year.

Remember large food companies are motivated by one thing and one thing only profits, your health is secondary to them.

Baby boomers and fats, what are some other good fats?

I have great news for fans of Mexican food, avocados are a great source of fat for you... and I am a big fan of Mexican food... in moderation.

You'll also learned that when you snack, nuts are very good for you... but only a certain type of nut, not processed or roasted nuts, raw nuts...they contain great sources of fat, the processing takes away the nutritional value.

Eliminating fats from your diet would have serious health consequences, they are essential for life, just use those fats that are good for you .

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